American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Set

I remember one of my friends, who once spent $3,000 for a luggage set. I was surprised by this as she was not going to travel and she spent money for a design that was not so good. This left me deep thinking about what could I do with this much amount which could be more important than a luggage set.

From that day, I started my search for perfect luggage set. Since now I have found many suitable luggage sets ranging from $40 to $1000. I also knew that there are many other more costly luggage sets available with more designer labels and exciting patterns. Since that day, I had never cared for labels and brands. My thinking was different. I felt that the clothes which satisfy me were the best for me.

But nowadays, people like clothing, are more attracted towards the luggage with some label on it. There are many companies which are world famous for manufacturing the luggage. But day by day the quality has been depleting steadily.

Now if we are going to spend money on a luggage set, I wonder if it is worth or not. No one wants to spend thousands of Dollars for a luggage set. So for this, I did surfing on the internet and ask the experts about the best luggage, and I found American Tourister’s Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Luggage set.

This luggage set has an affordable price which is liked by everyone. It is a piece set containing four different luggage bags from various sizes. This luggage bag made from 100% pure polyester. It has an excellent material quality. This bag comes in 3 different color shades:

  1. Black
  2. Purple/Grey
  3. Red/Black

All the three color shades will cost you different prices. But all the three are sold at a reasonable and affordable price. This luggage set is very lightweight which is thus easily carried. Two of the four bags are provided with roller wheels that make easy rolling and carrying of the bag. The bag’s quality is too superior. It comes with the multi-pocket facility. There are different compartments for various things. Pockets are available in both interior and exterior of the bag. There is also a push button locking handle. The handle of the bag is quite impressive and comfortable. All these features, with an affordable price, make this set of bags the best value luggage set.

Value for Money

Nowadays, as all are busy in earning money for their livelihood, it has becomeAmerican Tourister Luggage crucial in our life to save as much money as we could. Everyone loves to save money for future and spend as less as possible. As I started my search for a perfect and suitable luggage set, I found a thousand of luggage sets available. But none of them were easily affordable. I still continued my search, and as I found this American Tourister Fieldbrook II 4 piece luggage set, I was amazed by its price. The company American Tourister was selling a set of 4 fabulous bags in not more than $100. I calculated and found that each bag can cost me almost $25, which is very cheap. The company provides 3 different and amazing color shades in not more than $100. This way I could save a lot. This could be the saving of sources. I could invest my money in many other things. This luggage set has proved to be a boon.


Next after money, if someone considers a thing before buying a product is its durability that is for how much time the product will last. It is the age of the product or the lifespan. As per my research, I found many things in the American Tourister Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Luggage set which insisted me to buy this fantastic luggage set. This luggage set made with very good quality, long-lasting material. The company has made the set rugged and sturdy. The company has designed the bag in such a way that the corners provide a protective layer to the bag. These reinforced corners protect the bag against the damage caused by the bag in daily use or case of some throwing. Overall, this luggage set is very durable which makes it perfect for buying.


If the given product is affordable and durable, people look for some more options before buying the particular product. That’s why it is imperative for the manufacturer to add more options to the product which will insist the customer buy it. As in the American Tourister FieldbrookII 4 piece luggage set, the company has provided many options; it is, therefore, a top rated, customer’s choice product. The company offers this luggage set in different, amazing color shades like red with black, purple with silver or purple with gray and the most liked one is black. There are four bags available in the set with 2 rolling suitcases, a carry-on tote, and a duffle. These bags can be served in different ways, depending upon the situation

Room for Expansion

In this luggage set, there are four different bags which are of different sizes. These various sized bags could be use differently. The largest of the all provides you with extra-large and more expandable space where you can place your big things while traveling on a long trip. I remember that earlier when I used to travel. I would pack my bag and the things would get mess up due to small space. But now when have to go somewhere for traveling, the 2-inch expandable space provides me a much larger area for packing and makes it easy to carry the bag.

A Duffle to be carried

As everything has both the phases that are advantage and disadvantage, this luggage set also has a drawback. It is that the set contains a duffle bag which is cylindrical. Overall the bag is reliable. But it’s hard to carry on shoulders. There might be roller wheels in some case. But there is no expandable handle for easy pushing and pulling off the bag.Having a drawback, this bag still considered as the best value luggage set. If you are capable of carrying the duffle bag on your shoulders, then this luggage set can best suit you. But, if you are looking for some other option, you may have a check on the internet as I did. You could easily have many options.