Best Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag Review

If you are looking for rolling as well as carry-on luggage bag, here is a good option for you. This is Olympia’s Pocket Rolling Duffel. It is easily affordable. This kind of bag will help while traveling to a far as well as a nearby place. If you feel lazy, you can just easily roll the bag, and if you are in a hurry, you can carry it on your shoulders. This kit comes in the following different color shades:

  • Black
  • Hot Pink
  • Dark Lavender
  • Navy
  • Red
  • Royal Blue

All the colors are very nice and are attractive. They all costOlympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel bag you less than $50. So, these bags are cheap. But the quality of the bag is very impressive. The kit is made 100% pure polyester material. The company provides this bag with textile lining. This bag is designed with many compartments, providing more space for things to keep. There are exactly 8 pockets in the bag. There is a flexible and expandable handle which is very comforting and reliable. It is 29” high and 15” wide. This bag comes with protective roller wheels which can be used to roll the luggage on any surface. The product has a very impressive public response, and the customer’s reviews are also awesome. This bag suits both males and females. Even teenagers can use this bag. It is lightweight and can carry easily. The shoulder straps used in the bags are of high quality which doesn’t cause stress on the body. This product comes with a 5-year manufacturing warranty.

More a GYM Bag than a Business Bag

The above bag has an attractive designer look. This is most suitable for trips and GYM purposes. Most of the people who like to carry these bags in their business trips feel that this bag is not appropriate for a business trip. It rather looks more designer than an office bag. Also, the bag comes with many pockets which give it a fresh look that is not suitable for offices.

Tipping Point For Olympia 8 Pocket

As all the things have benefits and drawbacks side by side, this bag also has some drawbacks. One of drawback is that without the support, this bag cannot stand still. This bag is not a sturdy one. This only stands still while rolling. After rolling you have to balance it against some support or lay it down the ground.

Wheels on a Chalkboard

This bag is not suitable for stealth walkers. Many people have noticed the noise caused by the wheels of this bag. This noise is not noticed in the case of spinner wheels. This created noise is somewhat irritating. Some of the people have not seen this thing, but many have noticed. The company is working on a solution to this.

I think it’s Worth the Price

duffel bag cost you not more than $30 or $40. By adding some amount and getting a total less than $50, you can get this fabulous  bag. It is provided with roller wheels also, which makes it quite cheap. Although it is not sturdy and makes some noise, its price is genuine which makes it worth the price. Also, you get 8 pockets, a designer look, and many other features at a reasonable cost. Moreover, its size is 29” which also makes it worth the price.

Not the Right Size

One of the major drawbacks of this bag is its size. It is large enough. It can be treated both a positive point and a negative point. This bag can be beneficial in case you have more luggage items to carry. But if you have fewer luggage items, and you are traveling, you may have to pay for a larger bag, which is sometimes most irritating.


If you think a duffel bag and a rolling bag can work well together, then this could be the best part of this luggage bag. Although the drawback of tipping point cannot be a major problem, large size could be a negative point sometimes. As a solution to this, you may carry another bag which is somewhat smaller in size. Other than these 2 points, this bag is excellent and has many other features. Based on these features, the bag has been rewarded with an excellent star rating. You also get a variety of exciting color shades in this fantastic product. Since having some negative points, it has many brilliant features making it a wonderful luggage bag to use you can find it here.