Best Crossbody Bags Review 2020-2021

Best Crossbody bags are always in trend. They have never gone out of the fashion industry. Every season, an interesting Cross body bag is introduced into the market. If you are hunting for the markets’ finest cross body bags, now would be the best time. There are so many classy and mind-blowing pieces out there.

Over the years, many brands have designed cross body bags. However, some brands are better than the others. If you are looking for the industry’s best cross body bags, read on! Here are some interesting designer options for you. These bags are much better than the traditional side slings and shoulder bags.

Our Top Rated Best Cross-body Bag Reviews


Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag

When it comes to anti-theft cross body bags, “Travelon” tops the list. For years, the brand has manufactured an interesting range of foolproof security bags. The brand relies on proprietary technology to ensure high levels of security. Travelon Anti-theft cross body bags have saved many travelers from being mugged in travel destinations. Though you cannot carry the entire world in this bag, you will be able to carry all essential documents, additional clothes, snacks and a muffler.                            best crossbody bags

 Three Aspects To Ensure High Levels Of Safety:

  • The bag’s bottom layer is built using chained links. These links prevent the bag from being snatched by thieves or ruffians. Most ruffians snatch bags by knifing the bottom. This tactic doesn’t work in Travelon anti-theft bags.
  • The shoulder straps are built using heavy cables. It is very difficult to cut the straps. They are slots for zipper locks too. The moment your bag is locked, no one can disengage it easily.
  • Travelon anti-theft cross body bags have RFID slots for cards. These blocking slots will protect your cards from RF that tries to decode and read personal information.

On the whole, Travelon anti-theft cross bag is a great option for ardent travelers.

Customer Reviews

Most of the customer reviews are mostly positive. The large spacious design of the bag allows the users to keep water bottles.  The interiors are very spacious and made from quality material.


If you are traveling and have small items to carry with you, buy this bag for the perfect size and durability.


Roma Leathers Multi-Pocket 

Who can resist the look and feel of leather cross bags? Roma is famous for its leather bags and purses. The Roma Leather Genuine Multi-Pocket cross body purse bag measures 9×6.5×1 inch. It is a perfectly sized bag for short trips. The number of pockets and the size of the bag is carefully limited. The pockets are sufficient to carry wallets, cards, a water bottle and many be few papers. The bag is wonderfully detailed and it tops the list of best cross body bags to travel with.

71XMjSk5qCL._UY500_Few interesting features in this bag are:

  • Roma Leather is sold in five different colors. You can choose from shades of red, brown, wine, tan, black and brown.
  • Though the cross-bag has shy dimensions, it can fit your important things easily. The bag has zippered pouches on the outside. The bottom-most pouch features a slot for IDs and 3 cards. Your smartphone will fit in this bag conveniently.
  • The bag is extremely stylish and sleek. You can adjust the bag’s length too. By increasing the length, you can wear it as a cross-body.


  • The product dimensions are 7x9x1.5 inches
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Origin: China

Customer reviews

Customers have said that this bag is very light and is easy to flaunt.The inside of the bag is black in color the lining is designed exclusively for the high-quality materials.


The customers are highly impressed with this bag and have suggested it to their fellow workers and friends. Surely buy it for its agronomical design.


Baggallini Zipper Cross-Body Travel Bag

If you are a nylon person, you will find joy with “Baggallini Triple Zip Cross-Body Travel bag”. You can carry a lot of things in this massive bag! The bag measures 6x8x2 inches. You can store a wide range of items like memo pads, a kindle, tissues, cards, lipsticks, medicines, keys and more. The bag is neatly arranged. Most buyers consider the Baggallini as an overachiever. It has detachable shoulder straps and a back strap too. You can use the bag around your waist as well. The shoulder sling measures around 26 inches in length A1Spv+AkUzL._UX522_

     Fascinating features in this bag are:

  •   You can store up to 6 cards without any hassles or tussles.
  • There is a special slot for lipsticks. This means your lipstick wouldn’t roll around or stain the inner walls of your Baggallini.
  • The back pocket is neatly tucked away. There is plenty of room to carry a smartphone in it.

You can choose from a wide range of colors. This includes shades of mocha, charcoal, blue, apple red, black, and khaki.

  • A lot of women are faithful to this bag! They are able to use the bag and travel around without any worries.

Customer reviews

The customer reviews for this product is very positive. Women who have used this bag have said that it is the most spacious and trendy design. The quality of the zipper is excellent, and it is known to last long without breaking because this top quality cross body bags made with the high and durable material.


The verdict for this product is a big thumb’s up.If you are seeking the perfect bag to carry all your belongings without dropping them or losing them, then this is surely the ideal bag for you.


Vera Bradley Hipster Bag

Since the early 1980s, Vera Bradley has produced a wide range of cross-body bags. The brand focuses on adding luxury to luggage. Vera Bradley bags are known for its versatile designs. The beautiful bags are made of rich cotton and customized patterns. Most of the bags are brightly colored. And, Vera Bradley Hipster Cross-Body Bag is no different. It is meant for young girls and those who love the hipster trend.

                                                                   Fascinating elements of the Vera Bradley Hipster Cross-Body bag  811DtvPcnOL._UX522_

  • The bag is extremely light. It is not bulky and it has a sleek finish. Carrying the bag around is effortless. You don’t need to exert any effort to carry this bag.
  • There are many interior and exterior pockets. The bag features three exterior and three interior pockets. Carrying big items is simple in this cross-body bag.
  • The bag is stitched using cotton fabrics. The fabric is printed with floral patterns. It is very difficult to spot dirt or stains in the bag.
  • Vera Bradley Hipster Cross-body bags are washable. You will have no issues washing the bag.
  • The original bag has diamond patterned stitches.

Most buyers admire the bag’s washable nature. You can remove stains effortlessly. And, the bag has a very long lifespan.


  • The product is 1.8 x 11×11 inches
  • Origin of the bag is in the Philippines
  • The weight of the bag is 1 pound.
  • The bag is washable

Customer reviews

The customers are most pleased about the fact that the bag is washable; there is one customer who has said that she dropped lotion in the bag, but immediately washed it and cleaned off all the stains.


The zipper is long lasting, and the bag is easy to wash. If you are looking for a hip yet practical design, this is the bag for you.


Baggilini everywhere travels 

Baggallini is a fascinating brand that focuses only on efficiency. The Baggallini Everywhere Travel Cross-body bag is a masterpiece. It describes the brand’s work ethic. The bag is designed with practical pockets, colorful stitches, and cute zippers. This cross-bag is sold in nine different shades. In fact, you will come across variants with cheetah prints too. The beauty of this Baggallini creation goes deeper than words. The product is 100% nylon. It is water resistant.

Blissful features in Baggallini Everywhere are: 81SldsgZP6L._UY879_

  • The main body is designed with 10 card slots. There is a removable purse for coins and a key fob.
  • A lot of women admire the bag’s holder for lip gloss and pens.
  • The cross-body bag features a lengthy strap. The strap measures more than 28-inches in length.
  • The cheetah print model has a stunning fuchsia lining. This lining makes the bag look majestic.If you want to travel conveniently, this is definitely a bag for you! Baggallini Everywhere will make sure your belongings are both safe and neatly kept.  You store makeup, sunglasses, and toiletries in an organized way. This cross-body bag blends well with different personalities.

Customer reviews 

The customer reviews for this bag are highly positive. Customers seem to love the interior red velvet lining. The main use of the bag is during travel.Men can use this bag as cross body wallet because its size is very good for a wallet.


The bag is loved by everyone who uses it.It has received many mixed reviews, but most of them are positive and choose it as best cross body bags. However, the bag is ideal for travelers looking to carry their belongings in a safe and convenient way. These cross shoulder bags suitable to men and women.


Pros and Cons of Cross-Body Bags

It is not rocket science that girls love handbags! Many young women prefer cross-body bags over the huge, shoulder bags. Cross-body bags come with many interesting benefits. First of all, the bags are economical. When compared to tote bags, cross-body bags are more affordable than you think. They can carry lots of items in a robust and structured way. You can buy a perfect cross-body bag at 1/3rd the price of a bucket or shoulder bag.

Do you know that cross-body bags can slim down your junk? When you carry cross-body bags, you must be considerate of what goes in. Most cross-body bags are big. However, you cannot carry lots of junk. That old magazine and broken umbrella should be thrown out. This is how cross-body bags help in slimming down. This brings down out very next point…

Cross-body bags cannot carry many things! This means you will have to find a bigger bag for your huge goodies. When you buy a cross-body bag, check if it would suit your need. If you want to carry heavy things, you must go for a different type of bag. Some cross-body bags are not extensively accessible. You may have to scramble your hands down and search for things. Locating stuff will become a problem if your bag is too full! When you are in a rush, you should remember to zip up the bag. Else, the risks of you losing things is high.

Pros in buying a cross-body bag are:

  • Economical
  • You can clear away junk!

Cons in buying a cross-body bag are:

  • You may not be able to carry many things.
  • The chances of you dropping things are “high”.

This is why you should think twice and pick your cross-body bag carefully!

The Verdict

The best cross body bags are accessories with many functional benefits. These bags are created for women, men and little ones. The cross body bag comes in different sizes, shapes, and shades. Meanwhile, the bags are sold by renowned brands too! Before you buy a cross body bag, explore your options. There are so many tips on how to choose a bag. In most cases, the bag must match with your look, accessories, requirements, and occasion! The best bag will last for decades. And, you will be able to travel around in an organized fashion.

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