Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On

There’s a real trend happening in air travel right now: people don’t want to check their luggage. There are a number of reasons for this: baggage handlers aren’t exactly careful with how they toss around your luggage; it’s frustrating to wait at baggage claim after you’ve deboarded a long flight, only to find your bag is missing; and a lot of airlines charge a hefty fee these days just to check that luggage. If you’ve ever found yourself standing at customer service complaining about broken luggage, or trying to track down missing luggage, you are probably one of the millions of people who have moved to carry on luggage only travel. And if you are, you’ll want to get yourself a multi-purpose, do-it-all carry on piece that can get you from point A to B with all your things packed neatly and safely in your possession.

Options Galore

Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On

The Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry On bag is in a league of its own when it comes to luggage design and versatility. It is built to fit most domestic carry on luggage requirements but always check with the airline you are traveling with before boarding any flight with your carry on luggage. This bag offers numerous ways to pack your clothes – including a folding pad for storing your dress shirts and blazers, suits and more. This bag expands and has several exterior storage pockets and sleeves for easy access to your stuff while traveling. There is a mesh flyaway pocket on the front of the luggage for holding your jacket, books, or other items. But with functionality comes a price, so if you are a serious traveler, you’ll want to invest in a good piece of luggage like this carry on from Briggs & Riley.

 Beauty, Functionality, and Style

This bag not only provides you with a generous amount of storage space for a carry-on, but it also looks great as you wheel it behind you in the airport. While this bag has a lot of features and storage options, the one downfall of it is that it only has two wheels. If you don’t care about wheeling luggage on an angle, then this won’t matter. The carry on luggage piece is ultra-sturdy, and the two wheels on the exterior of the luggage are rugged and well-built. What’s more, there is so much space in this piece of luggage because the telescopic handle is on the outside of the bag. You don’t see this kind of innovation in luggage very often, but it’s a great feature in this bag.

Warranty and More

When it comes to choosing the right carry on luggage for you, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in stores and searching reviews online to find out what will suit your needs best. One thing you want to consider is the warranty and repair or replacement options for the bag you choose. Because it is highly unlikely that your carry on luggage is going to ever see a luggage belt in the airport, you probably don’t need to worry too much about severe damage from occurring, but manufacturers defects and material issues can happen in any bag. Briggs & Riley offer one of the most comprehensive warranties on the market today. It’s an unlimited warranty that will cover any problem with the bag’s manufacturing for as long as you own it. What’s more, it covers airline damage. Not many luggage manufacturers can say that.

But At present, most of the travelers wish to purchase the most suitable and reliable travel luggage to get an ultimate travel experience.  Choosing the expandable rolling carry-on is one of the great choices and it is always ideal for the people who want one bag for both air travel and international travel because the short and wide wheeled configuration brings ultimate comfort, of course, it offers the maximum packing capacity, and so you can pack more stuff inside this bag. The CX technology expands inside space so it is highly suitable choices for the frequent travelers.  Unlike, other types of bags it is beneficial and great, because this bag is very spacious, even it is extremely durable. First of all the manufacturers use durable and expandable material to offer ultimate comfort to the traveler, and this bag includes excellent garment folder that works well forever. The design of the bag is suitable to drag on different floor especially you can move this bag smoothly on the concrete floor. It is the brand new suitcase that supports for multidirectional move.

Briggs & Riley carry on

If you need to purchase the better suitcase for your travel then you may consider Briggs & Riley Carry-On Expandable Upright, it is the effective bag to carry all your important stuff in the safe manner. Structurally, it is durable and very sturdy bag, in general, the fabric is also designed well to take a real beating, the wheels and the handle also arranged well. Along with this the durable structure and style last forever, this bag is designed based on the internal components so it is better for the international travelers. Inside the bag you can find the plastic lining that protects your stuff at all time. In addition, this bag has standard interior as well as exterior pockets that support to carry small items in the safe manner. The small mesh pocket available on the outside and it is rolled up & zipped. This little pocket is very useful for holding a jacket while you are waiting in the airport. Along with this the narrow zippered pouch available between the 2 rails, it is placed near to the extending handle. This bag is expensive butit offers a wide range of benefits, so it is the worthy investment over others.

Briggs &  Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On luggage is always ideal and unique for very frequent travelers obviously, you can get lifetime warranty  while purchasing this bag, with this you can repair any functional problems found in this bag, if you are the infrequent traveler try to choosing this wonderful bag. The online stores also offer many discount offers while choosing this bag. One carry-on bag is ideal luggage to enjoy two to three day trip and this bag is equipped with many features, so it supports for different packing methods at the same time this bag offer through security.


  • It is the stylish bag and it is very well constructed, even the handles are sturdy, durable & easy to handle. In addition, the stitching is also tight; on the other hand, you can get great control with the solid frame.
  • You can handle this suitcase easily because it has two rears wheel that help to make this case quite stable than other models. The underside shows minimal tear and wear while rolling the case, so it offers long lasting benefits. It is ideal for all surfaces, like streets, sidewalks, roads etc.
  • This case available with durable handle and it is easy & simple to raise that is long enough for the travelers, even you can make the adjustments based on your height.
  • This suitcase has netting on its front side that supports for the jacket storage when you waiting or sitting in the airport. Additionally, the speed through pocket is available on the front side of this bag, it is great to hold the quart sized bag of liquids. Obviously, it is highly convenient to hold the bottles with through security.
  • This suitcase has durable exterior zippers that always move smoothly. At the same time the pulls are very attractive. On the top you find outsider handle which help to offer more spacious interior room. Moreover, the shirt protector works great that keeps your shirts and clothes with minimal wrinkling, in order to avoid the over wrinkling you need to fold shirts individually.
  • The interior space is also featured with the netting close that includes standard quad closure that hold all your stuffs more securely at the same time it will wrinkles them less than other models. On the other hand this case comes with lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy great travel experience by choosing this bag.


  • The Carry-On Expandable Upright is too bulky, so you need to double check dimensions  at the same time you should make sure it is allowed on airlines or not.
  • This suitcase is heavier than other model, because the size of the case is also big, so you need to may sure about the size. This bag does not includes any liquids pouch or separate bag. There is no shoe pouch or bag.
  • The exterior pulls are attractively designed, in certain cases it will damage easily, so you need to check the bag thoroughly. Of course, the exterior handle available in the outside that offer great interior room, but in some cases it will add to the exterior dimensions. Apart from that this bag is so expensive over other models.

Should You Buy it?

Any bag that offers multiple storage options, flexible use of space, and a telescopic handle on the outside of the bag to save room is a bag worth investing in. Many people are moving carry on luggage as a long-term solution to baggage issues at the airport. Look at it this way: sure, the bag probably costs more than you were hoping to spend on a piece of carry-on luggage, but after a few trips, the money you save on baggage fees will pay for this bag. If you are looking for exceptional quality backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties on the market, plus a place to store your suits in style, this is the bag for you.

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Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright