Wallybags Garment Bag Reviews 2021 ( Top Picks)

Suit Yourself With Wallybags

Travelling has never been easier as expected. Many things have to be considered before travelling. It is very difficult to carry a large bag for keeping garments. Keeping the clothes in a luggage bag or in a suitcase causes wrinkling in the clothes. Also, many a time wrinkles are so much weird that the clothes cannot be worn without ironing. Also, sometimes it appear like I have worn those clothes earlier or I just slept down with those clothes.

Here is a solution to this. This is an alternative bag to a large garment bag. This bag contains many pockets and compartments offering more capacity. This bag is also large I size. But this bag is able to protect the clothes from wrinkles.

Wallybags Locks

In this bag there is a lock system which binds hangers together at the top. By this system,
walley bags you don’t have to worry about your clothes. The lock system binds the hangers all together and this way wrinkles are prevented. We find the clothes in the same positions as before packing.


The given bag is easily portable. The bags which were made in the earlier times were not manufactured with thing in mind. This bag is a suitable carry-on bag. This is very lightweight and thus easy to carry. This bag also appears to be a regular bag as it gets closed from top to bottom. This bag keeps the clothes in the same position and organized. It also don’t cause stress to the arms.


There are a large variety of these bags. They vary in size, color, storage capacity etc. This bag is available mainly in 40-45 inches. Most of the people prefer navy blue or black colored bags which can easily suit to your luggage. The bag has a side opening instead of front opening. This helps in getting smart clothes and in turn easier life.


This bag is made with a very good quality material which makes it more durable, withstanding prodding that is in hangers which get stuck to the fabric. Most of the garment bags tear up due to the hangers and thus they don’t last longer. But this bag uses a superior quality material which doesn’t easily tear up. There are many bags which are manufactured with the help of thin material. Such bags easily tear up. But this Garment Bag is not of that type which easily tears up.

Everything and More

The most impressive thing which this bag provides is that it is more suitable for other purposes than dresses and suits. Some people treat this garment bag as a trip suitcase for trips. There are many extra pockets that can be used for keeping other things like toiletries, chargers or some other small things. The hanger has the capacity of holding at least 8 items and a person can make more than 8 things to be hanged.

Wallybags Irritants

Although, it is a wonderful bag with great space and locking system hanger, but we cannot consider it a perfect bag. This is only due to some of its drawbacks. This bag is not suitable for carrying on shoulders as it lacks shoulder straps. This way one has to hold the bag all the way in his hands. One gets easily tired of holding the bag in his hands. One can only fold it from top to bottom or bottom to top, but he has to hold it in hands only. Another drawback is that this bag lacks a hanger on its exterior. It means you have to hold the bag all the way along you. You cannot hang the bag. This way you can get tired easily by holding the bag. You can only use the bag for packing, travelling and then unpacking the clothes.

Wallybags Could be the Answer

It is understood that if anyone is going to travel with his/her garments, then he/she would need only a comfortable bag, that doesn’t easily tear up and must have a large space for more and more clothes. The bag should contain a locking hanger that prevents clothes from getting wrinkles. So, if you are looking for a bag with all these qualities, then a Wallybags Garment bag is the right option. The Wallybags Company insures you with all these features. With all these wonderful features, one can easily neglect its drawbacks.