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Here’s what we know about luggage: you need to get a brand name. Sure, you can spend a few dollars less and get yourself a cheap piece of luggage – you might even find a great deal on a luggage set – but unless your luggage is sporting a trusted brand name, you might find yourself in the market for a new piece of luggage sooner than you had imagined. Like most things in the world today, the brands we have come to know and love got that way because they deliver on their promises to be excellent quality and to stand behind their products. You don’t become a top luggage brand because you offer cheap products. Millions of people travel everyday by air, sea, and land, and it doesn’t take long for a traveler to realize that they’ve made a terrible mistake in opting for the cheaper luggage on the market. Stick the brands that know their stuff and you won’t have to worry about your belongings getting ruined on your travels.

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best luggage brands

Rockland is an affordable brand that offers fun and funky designs. While these designs aren’t “business appropriate” who says business can’t be fun? If you are looking for a good quality set of luggage at a good price, Rockland is your best bet. They are the starting point for a good brand name luggage on the market.


Samsonite luggage brand

Samsonite has really made a name for itself in the luggage industry over the last few years. It is moderately priced and looks good too. It’s widely accepted by the business community as their luggage of choice, but it’s durable and sturdy enough for travelling with kids, long road trips and their carry on luggage is great to skip the checked baggage lineup. This brand offers a great quality hard-sided luggage lineup as well as soft-sided luggage selection.


Delsey luggage brand

Delsey offers mid-range pricing for super lightweight luggage. If you travel on the heavy side, you’ll want a piece of luggage that comes in around 4 pounds – which these guys offer. They are bold and bright and great designs and are suitable for business travelers as well.

Pierre Cardin

Pierre cardin luggage brand

The name even sounds fancy. The luggage offered by Pierre Cardin is classy and modern, and comes in at a great price point. It’s lightweight and offers lots of room for your belongings. What’s great about this brand is that it really goes out of its way to make their luggage look more expensive than they are, so you are getting a good deal with Pierre Cardin.

 American Tourister

American tourister luggage

American Tourister is a brand that you might find in a department store luggage section. They offer basic designs and offer more soft-sided than hard-sided luggage, but the brand is dependable and affordable. One downfall of this brand, however, is that it is taking them along time to get on the four-wheel spinner style models than other brands. They still offer stationery luggage and two-wheeled luggage options. However, this makes the luggage more affordable, so if you aren’t worried about two-wheeled luggage, this might be a good brand for you.


Athalon travel luggage

Athalon is known for its rugged and durable duffle bags. They don’t make luggage in the traditional sense, but it makes the list of the top 10 best-selling luggage brands because adventurers of all shapes and sizes buy into this brand to get their gear from point A to point B. It’s got great design, durability and makes it easy to overpack for an expedition or adventure.


Travelpro luggage brand

Travelpro The first brand to introduce the spinner suitcase, Travelpro has been around the block a few times and knows a thing or two about great luggage. It is the choice of many business travelers and it looks great while providing a moderate price point for most models.

Briggs & Riley


Briggs & Riley will likely run you the most money when it comes to buying a piece of their luggage. Their smallest bags retail for about $200USD but the quality is there. The designs are sharp and clean, and stand up to a beating on the baggage carousel and in transit.



Wallybags If you need something a little more formal than a suitcase or duffle, consider Wallybags for your garment bag needs. This brand uses a patented technology in their designs and they know that being good at one thing is better than trying to be okay in other areas of luggage development. For the business traveler, bride, or wedding party carrying expensive garments, these bags are a must.

U.S. Traveler

US traveler

The U.S. Traveler brand comes in at a large price point, but they offer a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from. The feature both soft-side and hard-sided luggage and while sturdy and robust for air travel, they are also great for a weekend away at the cottage or lake.