Rockland Melbourne 3 Piece Luggage Set Review

Everyone is fond of travelling. From the earlier times only, man has been travelling with all his accessories. With time, he named his accessories as luggage. Nowadays, we could easily find a large variety of luggage bags in the market. Many brands and companies are competing with others by manufacturing the best product for its customers. One such brand is Rockland Melbourne. It is popularly known as Rockland. This company is best known for its product quality and durability. This company is also known for its 3 piece luggage set. Some companies also sell single or 2 piece luggage set. All these bags either may be of the same size or different. Rockland brand has one of the best quality hardside luggage sets, for which the brand is most popular. The Rockland brand promises its customers with the best quality products. Also, this brand has an overall perfect star rating in which many customers have rated these bags with a five out of five stars. The brand has a superb public response as well. The brand has eighth rank in world’s top best sellers.

                                                    Keep Your Contents Safe

rockland melbourne luggage Rockland is best known for its hardside luggage. This luggage set is protected by a powerful exterior layer which protects the things kept inside it. This luggage set can bear all the pain but will not affect the things kept inside it. This luggage set contains 3 luggage bags of different sizes. All the 3 pieces are featured with roller wheels which make it easy for a person to carry this bag. Also, these bags are very lightweight. One doesn’t feel its weight while pulling or pushing the bag. These bags contain multiple compartments and pockets. Either you can fill these pockets with your necessary things or you can occupy the space covered by these pockets by ignoring them.

Hard Cases in Soft or Loud Colors

As we know everyone has his/her own choice. Like boys mostly like the blue color and girls mostly like the pink color, similarly in this case the company provides its customers with a large variety of colors so that these colors can suit everyone. Also, we know that having a colored luggage that suits you, is a popular fashion these days. Nowadays, there are some bright and patterned luggage sets available by Rockland. These patterns make the luggage set more attractive. Some of the beautiful colors, in which the bag is available, are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Lime
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Magenta

Also these bags are available in some pattern or wave designs which are as:

  • Gold wave
  • Silver Wave
  • Red wave
  • Black Wave
  • Turquoise

All these are of the same category of 3 piece luggage set. These bags are very flexible and durable. These are manufactured with a superior quality material. The interior cloth used is also good in quality. The exterior and interior used for its manufacturing make it worth its price. Also, the set of 3 luggage bags will cost you less than buying a piece individually.

Hard Exterior Can Still Flex

Unlike canvas or leather bag, this bag is more strong and powerful. This bag is somewhat flexible, so it cannot hold all the things inside it. This bag is more adjustable than leather and canvas bags and also it can remain in its shape for longer than canvas and leather bags. As these bags are hardside luggage, they can withstand more harshness than other bags. These are sometimes helpful and sometimes not, as explained above. Sometimes, these bags get cracks and start breaking down while protecting the things inside. One can be sure about the things inside this bag, but cannot be sure of the bag itself.

Hard To Keep in Good Shape

As everything has its 2 phases that are benefits and disadvantages, this luggage set also has some demerits. As these bags have an attractive and shiny look, they will not appear attractive for long when the paint will start fading. Also, sometimes scratches start appearing on the surface. These scratches give them a dull appearance. These scratches are very difficult to wash or remove. Sometimes while protecting the inner things these bags attain dents, which also give these bags a dull appearance. These bags appear to be very old and worn out. These bags are very shiny and as the shine disappears, these bags don’t remain in their positions. One has to keep a good care of his bag in order to keep it attractive all the time.

Hard Cases are a Hard Choice

We all know that no one is perfect in this world and so is this luggage set. Although it is not the perfect luggage set, you are looking for. But this can be somewhat advantageous over simple luggage bags that cannot store fragile things. There are a large variety of bags that are made either with canvas or leather. These bags might be amazing in quality, but these bags cannot function like a hardside luggage. The things kept in a canvas bag or a leather bag can be easily damaged. But if we’ll place the same things in a hardside luggage as provided above, there would be no damage to these things. May be these bags could not be the best bags for your purpose, but they can suit your style as they are available in a variety of color and designs. These bags are also not as much expensive. Buying a set is always preferable over buying single pieces. So, it only up to you, whether the above luggage set will suit you or not.

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