American Tourister Luggage Splash 21 Suitcase Reviews

If you love the American tourister luggage set this place is going to be ideal for you. We all love to travel. There might be a person, who doesn’t like travelling. While travelling we have to carry some necessary items along with us. We keep these items in a bag called Luggage Bag. These days, there are a great variety of luggage bags in the market. Brands are competing by manufacturing the best of their products for their customers. One such brand is American Tourister. It has a marvelous record in manufacturing the best luggages bags or suitcases. A Few years earlier, American Tourister launched its one of the best products that is the Splash 21 Luggage. It is one of the most popular products by American Tourister. It has a good public response and an excellent star rating from its customers. This American Tourister Splash 21 Luggage Suitcase has set the company into a great profit. It is a type of rolling bag which can be carried where ever necessary, very easily. This bag is lightweight. The company promises the durability of the product to its customers. Also, the company is popularly known for its best luggage sets and the Splash 21 Suitcase is one such great product.

                                   Colors Make a Major Luggage Splash

American tourister luggage setNobody likes to check the luggage bags. Everyone wants a luggage bag which can be carried as well rolled with a good quality manufacturing material as well. This bag must be a good quality bag with ease of travelling. We all have different color choices. So an ideal bag must come in a variety of colors. And according to me, American Tourister’s Splash 21 Luggage Suitcase can be the best option. This luggage suitcase has larger and strong wheels, which enable smooth and easy rolling. Also, the handle is very smooth and comfortable. It is easy to hold and pull or push. This luggage suitcase is available in 3 amazing colors:

  • Black
  • Solar Rose
  • Turquoise

All the above colors are amazing. The turquoise color luggage suitcase is exceptionally superb. It is bright with black lining which gives it an attractive look. This bag is also available in different sizes:

  •  21 inches
  • 25 inches
  • 29 inches

Either these sizes could be available to its customers individually or in luggage set. Next, this luggage suitcase is not much expensive. It is easily affordable. With more durability and quality, this product is worth its price.

Buy One or Buy Them All

The 21 inches Splash Luggage Suitcase is considered to be the best among all the available sizes as this 21 inches Splash Luggage Suitcase can be suited for carry-on purpose. Also, it is best suited for airlines. It can be easily adjusted in small airline compartments as it is only 14 inches wide. But if we look upon all of them, we would wish to buy them all. They all look gorgeous and attractive. The quality of the wheels is superb and they can withstand any surface. Also, they can easily roll over carpets where some other rolling suitcases fail to roll. These wheels are of great quality that they don’t break easily. As per customer reviews, these bags contain the best quality rolling wheels, thus making it easy to carry and roll. All this makes this Splash Suitcase the best American Tourister Luggage Suitcase.


It is very important to arrange things separately. If things are not kept separately, there would be a mess in the bag. So, to avoid this mess in the suitcase, American Tourister Luggage set provides a large number of pockets. This way, you can easily arrange your things and pack them without any mess in the bag. This will also help you while placing your things out of the bag. Also, this bag provides a large space for keeping your things. In this large space, you can keep your clothes and there would be no loss in their positioning. This suitcase is provided with 2 handles. In case you are not comfortable with rolling, you can hold the bag with either of the 2 handles. There is a great flexibility in the bag as the 2 provided handles can be used according to the height of the person. For example, if a person has a good height, then the extendable handle can be best suited for him and if this bag is to be used by another person of somewhat shorter height, then the side handle can be best suited. This way, the Splash 21 Luggage Suitcase provides a large flexibility to its customers.

Zip It Good

This luggage suitcase is manufactured with the best quality materials. This bag is manufactured with 100% pure polyester material. Also, the zipper system is superb. The zips cannot be broken easily. There is no effect of pulling in between the zips. These zipper systems are very much tightened. Even on applying a larger pull, there is a small change in the zipper system. The zips would move, but this change would not be noticeable. Many customers appreciate the zipper system for this luggage suitcase.

Splish Splash

In case you have to check the bag, then the larger size Splash bags are suited. Whereas, the smaller sized suitcase is best suited for carry-on purpose. The larger bags can make a set of luggage. This bag can be cheaper if bought in a complete set luggage. Even, it is affordable and it provides with many facilities. It is durable and is available in 3 amazing colors. If I had to buy one, I would rather go for black which appears somewhat decent and more attractive than all the others.