Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner Review

Hard sided luggage has quickly become all the rage. People are in love with how much more room they can get in a suitcase that zippers down the middle and separates into two equal compartments, instead of traditional door suitcases that offer only one compartment for storage. The truth is that there isn’t actually anymore volume in hard sided luggage pieces, but the design allows for better optimization of the space inside, creating more room overall. If you are searching for a hard-sided piece of luggage in carry on size, you’ll want to consider the Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner for its durability, style, and affordability.

Great for Multiple Uses

Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner Review

Not only with the 20” spinner from Samsonite fit in overhead bins on domestic airline flights, but it’s also a great bag for getting around a train station, boarding a cruise ship, and loading up the car for a road trip. The hard-shell exterior of the luggage makes it virtually waterproof, so you can take it anywhere you go. While a carry on size bag like this one can follow you onto the plane, the waterproof exterior means that when your bag does make its way to cargo, your stuff won’t get wet in the belly of the airplane. Don’t be fooled into thinking these bags have no room to stuff them, like soft sided luggage does. Hard sided bags from Samsonite have loads of room inside and with the zipper mesh cover and compression straps, you can cram in as much as you need to on your travels.

Options, Options, Options

Samsonite is one of the leading hard sided luggage sellers in the world. They offer durability and style that doesn’t compare. If you need something a little bigger for your travels, this suitcase also comes in 24-inch and 28-inch sizes for getting even more stuff from point A to point B. You’ll never have to leave anything home if you opt for a bigger size. Inside, these suitcases are all the same: one side features a mesh panel that protects your clothes and belongings, and the other side offers a compression strap to hold your things in place. Some people like to use packing cubes to organize their items inside a carry on suitcase, but the mesh pocket inside this bag functions as a packing cube on one side, so you don’t need to buy more accessories to make travel easy for you and your family. There are also several pockets on the inside for organizing smaller items. The one downfall of this piece of luggage, however, is that it doesn’t have exterior pockets or spaces for accessing smaller items such as a passport or wallet.

Colors and Features

This bag comes in several colors including classic black and gray, as well as two colors that won’t make it hard to claim your luggage at baggage claim: purple and blue. The purple and blue bags are stunning and stand out in a crowd with ease. While black is a popular favorite amongst travelers, colors make it easy to find your luggage if you decide to check it for transportation. The bag features four 360 degree spinner wheels and a fully extendable telescopic handle. This means that even the carry on size has a large enough handle for even the tallest person to roll with ease. The luggage also features a locking system that can keep your belongings safe, as well as a rigid exterior body that is pretty resistant to damage, cracks, and dings during travel. This is a smart looking bag and business travelers, as well as pleasure seekers, will enjoy traveling with this bag for shorter trips. If you are a savvy packer, you can get up to a week’s worth of clothes into the 20-inch spinner.

Should you Buy This Piece of Luggage?

It is easy to see the appeal of a hard sided carry on luggage piece, like the 20-inch Samsonite Fiero HS Spinner. Even if you opt for the two larger pieces, the brand and the build of this piece of luggage is superior in its class. What’s great about this suitcase is that the price isn’t going to break the bank. You can get one of these great looking and functioning pieces of luggage for a lot less than you might think. And as always, you’ll find the best deals when you buy the whole set together. However, if you only need a carry on size or a medium size, purchasing them separately is affordable as well. Take the plunge and make a move to becoming a traveler who goes it alone with just the carry on luggage – the money you can save on baggage fees will practically pay for this bag in just a few trips! If you think its very difficult to choose you can go at Amazon and can get Samsonite Fiero in the 20inch, the 24inch, the 28inch.