Samsonite Hyperspace Suitcase Luggage Review

Travelling is one of the major modes of entertainment. Everyone likes to travel. But travelling needs a luggage bag for keeping things. We could find a large variety of luggage bags in the market. Nowadays, many companies and brands are competing with their best products against each other. One such brand is Samsonite. It is one of the well-known brands in the world. It is best known for its good quality luggage bags. The Samsonite features many luggage sets as well as single luggage bags also. One such luggage bag is the Samsonite Hyperspace Suitcase Luggage. This luggage bag is one of the most popular luggage in the market. It has an impressive public response with a powerful star rating. The bag has a simple and attractive look. It has a comfortable handle with strong elastic grip over it. This bag has a rolling facility that makes its carrying very easy.

Set For Hyperspace Travel

Unlike many luggage sets or pieces, this luggage bag is not as much stylish, but this luggage bag has a class which all the rest luggage bags don’t have. This luggage bag is best suited for a businessman. Like a businessman who is properly dressed and has a good control over himself, this bag also has a decent look. This luggage bag either comes with a set luggage or is sold individually. This bag has a simple and decent look. This bag is expandable and has a large capacity. The bag has a streamlined body and is available in simple and ordinary colors. This bag is also available in a variety of sizes. This luggage bag is not available in any emphasizing color. The simple and decent look makes it best suitable for a businessman.

                                              Prices aren’t Quite in Orbit

Samsonite Hyperspace Suitcase Luggage This luggage bag is neither very expensive nor very cheap. It is somewhat expensive, but you can easily purchase it.  This luggage bag is more durable and can extend up to lifetime period, which makes it worth its price. This luggage bag is best suited for carry-on purpose. These bags are easily placed in overhead compartments. The approximate price of the 21 inch luggage bag is around $ 130, price for 26 inch luggage bag is around $ 150 and the 29 inch bag will cost you $ 200. All these are of the same quality and design, but they vary only in size.

Space Age Stability

We know these bags are of good quality and designs. Along with that, when these bags are allowed to stand upright, they remain stable for long. They have small and strong wheels, which don’t allow slipping of the bag. Also, the bag is wider at the bottom and narrow at the top. This also provides the bag with a stable position. The weight is focused in the centre of the bag and the bag doesn’t fall. Also, the small and efficient wheels are helpful in this process. There are around 8 wheels which provide greater stability to the bag. As the wheels provide more surface area at the bottom, there is no chance of slipping of the bag. This way the bag doesn’t fall on the ground. This way, one can take off his/her hand at any instance of time, feeling free and confident that the bag would not fall upright to the ground.

Flexibility and Options

It is a wonderful luggage bag with a decent appearance. Other than this luggage bag, there are many other carry-on bags like garment bags or the duffels. They all look similar. You may be thinking of purchasing among these. But, if you are looking for a perfect set with all the perfections and features, then this Samsonite Hyperspace Suitcase Luggage bag would be best suited for you.

Out of This World Fabric

This luggage bag is made with a good quality nylon material. It also uses 100% pure polyester in its manufacturing. Also, if we look upon the surface of the bag at a microscopic level, then we would find a honeycomb structure. This honeycomb structure adds more strength to the outer material. This way it is very difficult to destroy or puncture the surface of the bag. This way, the suitcase will stay in a good condition for a long time.

Muted or “Out There” Colors

This wonderful luggage bag is available in various colors like:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Maroon
  • Green
  • Blue

The bag looks great in different color options. None of the above colors spoil the decent look the bag.

Many Fantastic Options

Sometimes, we don’t need to carry more items for a trip. For that purpose, this luggage bag is somewhat larger in size. This luggage bag comes with a removable small carry-on bag, which can be attached or detached, according to our will. This way, we don’t have to pay any extra charge for this small bag and we could enjoy the benefits of a small sized Hyperspace Suitcase Luggage.

Filmy Straps?

Although the bag is stable and has a good center of gravity, the straps used in this bag are not as much stronger. These straps can hold the clothes in their place, but are not as much effective. But this demerit can be neglected easily as this bag provides many other benefits.

Not a Carry On

This bag cannot be considered as a carry-on luggage as it is larger in size. It 21.5 inches in size and thus it is difficult to be carried. Also, the maximum size for a carry-on luggage bag is around 20-21 inches. This bag also doesn’t fit in the carry-on bag size limit.

Inter Seller Options

Although this bag has some demerits, but these demerits are considered negligible in comparison to its features. This bag is durable, flexible, affordable, and stable and similarly this bag has many other features. Also, the decent look of this bag makes it one of the popular bags in the market.There is another option of Samsonite 25 inch wheeled luggage available in the market.