Samsonite Lift Spinner 25-Inch Expandable Wheeled Luggage

Almost every frequent traveler need to buy the top quality travel luggage to enjoy their overall journey, choosing the best travel luggage is always important to enjoy travel in a happy manner, when it comes to choose the travel luggage you have lots of choices, as the frequent travel you need to find the ideal one to meet your exact needs. so far, Samsonite has made great progress that help to ensure comfortable travel,  in the market you can find different range of luggage under different price ranges, usually people need to find the reliable & well organized luggage because it help to access all the items with ease. At the same time the traveler need enough space to carry much clothes, especially people prefer the luggage that would be easily wheeled in & out, for the easy movement travelers prefer to buy the Samsonite Lift Spinner 25-Inch Expandable Wheeled Luggage to enjoy lot, of course, it is highly durable and comfortable even it is easy to use. This luggage is also comes in a range of pleasant and attractive colors. Of course, it has 3600 spinning wheels that help for the easy move rather than these wheels also allows for the defined multidirectional maneuvers. So you can move the luggage in any direction. All the wheels are attractively and perfectly enclosed in the ecto skeletal hubs that help for a smooth move. This luggage has excellently lined interior along with the panel pockets on its front side that allow to packing small things. The pull handles help for easy carrying. Favorably this luggage has side zippers that support for expansion when needed. The Samsonite luggage is suitable for all the travelers because it supports for different traveling techniques. Even the cost of this luggage is also less over others. Unlike other models the Samsonite offer great benefits and it is the comfortable choices for the traveler to carry their stuff with neat and smooth. Here some pros and cons of the Samsonite listed for your reference.

                                      Pros of samsonite luggage

                                                                  3600 Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Lift Spinner 25-Inch Expandable Wheeled LuggageSamsonite luggage has inline wheels that supports for multidirectional movements, so you can push the luggage effortlessly while in upright position. The 3600 spinner wheels support for the smooth move, so you no need to put efforts to move the luggage, and it is ideal for the individual and family.  The handle gives complete control to you, so you can easily push or stop the luggage instantly. Of course, it spins 360 degrees so you can easily carry this luggage in the crowded area.


Samsonite luggage is perfect to pack your things with ease, it is the full-size luggage, it is the 25″ luggage so you can pack your stuff in very neatly, and you can pack many items inside your luggage with ease. Inside the luggage you have a nifty open side zip pocket, and the front panel pockets support for the easy storage.  Inside of the Samsonite luggage is very roomy and it is suitable to pack more items.

 Lightweight And Durable

This luggage stays under the 50-lb limit, at the same time this help to pack as much stuff with ease. It is the lightweight luggage so you can carry this luggage easily. So you no need to struggle with lifting, favorably it is the lightest luggage on the market available at pleasing rates. It is the attractive luggage that meets all your criteria. Samsonite made by using high quality material, and the side grip handles available to handle this luggage anytime soon, obviously, it has handle on its bottom end, so you can easily hold the luggage with both hands, and this will cause less wear and tear. It is very light in weight that supports you to carry many items without considering the weight limits.

Interlocking Zippers

 This luggage available with the zippers that offer maximum closure ability at the same time you can easily lock this luggage for extra security.  Obviously, the zippers are made by using very strong and unbreakable alloys so these zippers also withstand the constant use. On the other hand, the double zipper pullers offer a great comfort to the user.

Color and style

 Samsonite luggage definitely looks prettier over other models, and this luggage also available in different colors, for this most of the traveler wish to buy this luggage, especially it is preferred by the International traveler.  This luggage available in three different attractive colors and you no need to pay any extra charge to pick your favorite color.  Its elegant non-pompous design  offers a great look, and it can be suitable for variety of occasions as well as purposes, in general, this luggage made with poly ethylene material that offer long lasting life and style, so it never destroyed by abrasion.

Cons of the Samsonite luggage

Zipper Issues

In some cases people have faced the zipper issues, because instantly the zips are fall off or lose, it is the biggest problem. So you probably check whether the zippers are working or not. In order to avail the perfect option, you need to pay extra attention to the zipper sliders. It is one of the negative aspect, due to this the external pockets becoming unsafe.

Top Handle Does Not Perform Smooth

It is the biggest issues, in some cases the top handle does not perform smooth, so the user will face many difficulties. First of all it is very stressful when the user needs to move the luggage on their way.


The Samsonite Lift Spinner 25 Inches Expandable Wheeled Luggage also has a wide range of positive aspects and the same time it includes few negative aspects. In order to find the best luggage you need to check the overall product quality. In short, it is the best luggage to buy, because it is suitable for different packing techniques, so you can easily carry much stuff in your luggage with ease. To get clear idea about this luggage you may take the online reviews which help you to understand all the details.