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Best Luggage For International Travel 2016

Looking for the best luggage for international travel? When you are travelling abroad, you want to best luggage sets to buy one of the very first things that you need to be careful about is that you choose amazing luggage that you can carry along the international airport and flaunt with style. International travels usually take long hours of travelling and may require quite a number of shifts and transfer. The luggage can, therefore, encounter a frequent number of throws, lifts and drops. When it does appear on the conveyor belt, you have to make sure that it is not torn or broken. Rather, it must pronounce out your personal style and personality through the luggage that you can read and buy from this article about best luggage sets.

Ultimate Comparison Of Best Luggage

  • US Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set
  • Dimensions: 21-inch Upright
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • 100% 1200d polyester
  • Star Rating :4.0
  • American Tourister Pop Spinner - 3 Piece
  • Dimensions: 31.8 x 21 x 13.2 inches
  • Weight: 34.1 pounds
  • 100% Polyester
  • Star Rating :4.2
  • US Traveler New Yorker 4 Piece Luggage Set Expandable
  • Dimensions: 29" H x 17" W x 10.5" D
  • Weight: 11.8 lbs
  • 30% dobby fabric / 70 % polyester
  • Star Rating :3.9
  • Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage
  • Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds
  • 100% Abs
  • Star Rating :4.1
  • Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set
  • Dimensions: 28 x 18 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • EVA
  • Star Rating :4.0


US Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-On Luggage Set

The Traveler’s Choice U.S. Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-On best travel Luggage Set is a great choice for you if you are travelling abroad. The construction of this luggage set is made up of luxurious and superior quality 1200D rigid polyester. This makes the luggage set an extremely durable one. The best part of this set is that it is a combination of a trolley suitcase and travelling tote. It gives enough space to the traveler to pack a number of luggage for international travel

The height of about 21 inches and the 13.5-inch width gives the trolley suitcase enough dimensions to pack your clothes and other goods. There is also the feature of expanding the dimension up to 10.5 inches. This enhances and increases the packing capacity of the luggage by about 25%. The trolley too is carefully designed with corner protectors for the inline skate wheels. These make it easy for you to pull or push the luggage in any direction and its is also cheap carry on luggage, without getting hurt. The self-locking handle system or the retractable push-button in the interior makes the interior more deluxe in style and features even makes it best carry on luggage for international travel and it looks luxury luggage.

To make it easy for the users to pick the best luggage, the manufacturer has added side carry as well as top carry handles. The multiple front pockets give the Traveler’s Choice U.S. Traveler Rio Two PieceExpandable Carry-On Luggage Set an even expanded space for packing. It is very useful for packing the essentials and knick knacks that are necessary while on the go.

The larger zipper of the mesh lid pocket makes it easy to open and close the main pocket. The zipper is of high quality that will not get out of the panel easily. The solid metal hardware make gives the luggage an extra durability, but does not make it too heavy. It is only 6.6 lbs make it best lightweight luggage. The front panel is EVA padded that makes it safe from external scratches. As for the interior, it gives great interior with the dual adjustable tie down straps.These all features make its best carryon luggage.


American Tourister Pop Spinner

If you are looking the best luggage brands or designer luggage sets that make your trip memorable and easy to carry your things. There is the best luggage of international travel luggage of The American Tourister Pop Spinner – 3 Piece is of great help for those, who are travelling abroad it looks like luxury luggage. Travelers, who are in need for multiple luggage sets, can manage to pack their belongings in these three piece set. Since they are alike in looks, it adds to the visual appeal of the luggage and flaunts the class and style of the traveler. Each one of this luggage set is a 4 wheel spinner that comes with different dimension or size can carry this best luggage for international travel with a lot of carry on luggage

The largest one is 29 inch 4-wheel spinner, which is 29 inch in height, 20 inches in width and 10 inches in depth. It weighs about 12.9 lbs. The medium one is a 25 inch 4-wheel spinner, which is 25 inch in height, 18 inches in width and 9.75 inches in depth. It weighs about 10.2 lbs with this weight it becomes the best lightweight luggage for international travel because you can pack many things and carry on plane with less weight. The smallest one is a 21 inch 4-wheel spinner, which is 21 inch in height, 14 inches in width and 7.5 inches in depth. It weighs about 8.6 lbs. The best part of this set is that each one of the luggage set comes along with 4 multi-directional spinner wheels. This feature of the wheels gives the user an easy mobility of the luggage in any has many color available in these best luggage sets those make it best carryon luggage.All the luggage of this brand look cute luggage sets.

Since the luggage is made up of 100% polyester material, it has a great shine and makes the luggage classy. The top and side carry handles give the luggage a better and easier carrying option. The handles are padded that make it, even more, comfortable and offers a better grip as lightweight carry on luggage. Each piece of the American Tourister Pop Spinner – 3 Piece set has multiple front pockets that make it easy for the travelers to carry the last minute essentials and knick-knacks into the easily accessible front pockets so that they are easily found and not misplaced.It also has best luggage review of American Tourister Pop Spinner – 3 Piece set makes this set of best luggage brand. it has another cheap luggage sets available in different colors.


US Traveler New Yorker 4 Piece Luggage Set Expandable

If you need cute luggage sets for travel.The US Traveler New Yorker 4 Piece Luggage Set Expandable from the house of Traveler’s Choice is a set of three upright trolley suitcases and a tote bag. This particular best carry on luggage from this manufacturer is a great combination of innovation and functionality. The tear-resistant fabrication that is made up of 70% polyester and 30% dobby fabric makes it extremely durable. However, it is light in weight that does not add to the weight of the luggage. The clean and tailored appearance and the use of EVA foam on the front panel, makes it, even more, durable, adding to the crafted and shiny finesse for best travel luggage.The quality of the material is durable and also that are cheap luggage sets.                                                                              best luggage brands for international travel

The three upright trolley suitcases come in three different dimensions such as 29 inches high, 17 inches wide and 10.5 inches deep for the largest one; 25 inch high, 15 inch wide and 9.5 inch deep for the medium one; and 21 inch high, 13.5 inch wide and 8 inch deep for the smallest one. Each of the three luggage can be expanded up to 12.5 inches in depth, 11.5 inches in depth and 10 inches in depth respectively for the largest, medium and smallest one. This is almost 25% increase in the packing capacity of each one the bags. Each one has an additional, adjustable add-a-bag strap that allows the traveller to place another bag on the trolley suitcase, to make it easy to carry and pull.All the above features make it best luggagefor international travel even make easy to carry for air traveling.

This extra bag can be the tote bag that comes along with this set, making it a complete one. The traveler does not have to disrupt the uniformity of the set by including an unlike tote bag; the manufacturer adds it all together with the set. There are a number of colour options available of luggage that can suit anybody’s personal choice. Not just the exterior, but the interior too has been carefully designed with superior quality dual shoe pockets and interior zippered mesh pockets make it best carry on luggage. The multiple front pockets make it easy to carry essentials that need to be accessed at once. The side and top carry handles have great grip to make it easy to lift.This brand has many  luggage sets for women.


Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable Abs Carry On Luggage – Black

If you are looking for a best travel luggage in a solid and bold colour, choose the Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable Abs Carry on Luggage is the best luggage that comes in almost 25 colour variations. It has a classy design and style that will simply flaunt your taste for quality products and your sophistication. A perfect size of 20 inches wide and 13-inch height, it is the perfect luggage solution for those, who are travelling alone and do not want to overburden their luggage.its outer side made with best material also it calls hard case luggage and cheap carry on luggage international travel

Made up of high-quality ABS material or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene engineering plastic, it is extremely durable and can withstand external force for long, keeping the best luggage intact. However, the material is very light in weight that makes it easy to carry the luggage all the way. The best part of this luggage is the sturdy and ergonomic aluminium or chrome telescoping handle that is unlike most other luggage of similar dimensions and features. The aluminium or chrome handle makes it quite durable and does not break or twist easily that is a problem with most other luggage options, with plastic handle and suit this kind luggage sets for women.

The expandable feature lets you carry even more goods, without having to carry another luggage. This is of great benefit as the international  airlines often limit  the number of luggage you can carry and the weight that you can carry. Since it is light in weight, you can add moreto your packing and eliminate the need to consume  your accessible weight, with the weight of another luggage. It weighs around 7.3 lbs makes it best luggage for travel and lightweight carry on luggage too. You will get a 3-year warranty along with this suitcase. The Multi-directional spinner wheels make it easy to pull and push in any and every direction. The elasticated mesh zip pocket in the interior makes it easy to keep everything in place that you put it.Above the all features of this luggage makes it top luggage travel and  wheeled carry on luggage.


Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set

If quality luggage set is what you are looking for, there is nothing better than the Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set of best carry on luggage. It is a perfect combination of different kinds, shapes and sizes of  best luggage  for international travel. You will get two upright trolley suitcases, a travel duffle and travel tote, along with a toiletry kit. For those, who like uniformity in their travelling kit or luggage set, there is nothing better than this kit that will flaunt your taste and sophistication with the complete set this is also best luggage brands in the word.                                                                                                                                                             best luggages for international travel

The two upright trolley suitcases come in 26-inch height and a22-inch height. Each and every one of the luggage set is made up of 1200D polyester material makes it best travel luggage. This makes the exterior extremely durable and best luggage for international travel. The best part of this set is that it comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Hence, you will be at the peace of your mind. From the trolley suitcases to the travel tote and duffle bag, everything is covered on the front with EVA foam panel. This gives the luggage an even finer and finessed look, along with the tailored appearance.The little bag in this set you can use it as crossbody bag.

The luggage has a push button locking handle system that is hidden in a zip folder that gives it a complete and fine finesse. The handles of the upright trolleys give it a better grip and makes it easy to manoeuvre while lifting the luggage. Even the tote and the duffle bag come with a padded handle that is easy to lift and carry, without hurting the hands. You will get an inline skate wheel with the upright trolley suitcases. This makes it easy to roll the suitcases a long way, and they can be pulled and pushed in any direction. As for the toiletry, you will be able to put them in the bag that comes with this set. The size of the toiletry kit is big enough to put almost any of your essentials these all features make it best rated luggage.It has many  designer luggage sets in this brand.

Different Types of Luggage 

When you are travelling abroad or long distance, there is a number of essential items that you need to carry. Backpacks or laptop travel bags are not options for these cases. In that case, it is useful that you choose the other types of luggage that can withstand the shift from one terminal to the other at different airports and even the external force of throwing, lifting and dropping and easy to drag as lightweight carry on luggage. Along with this factor of durability, there is also the need to ensure that they have a good shape and size as well as, are easy to carry.

  • Trolley suitcases         best suitcase for international travel

The trolley suitcases or wheeled hardside carry on luggage are of great help in that case of chossing best suitcase. These have spinner wheels on the bottom corners and can be carried and pulled easily along the roads as well as the airport, even with heavy weight inside.

  • Travelling tote:                                           91pfsqpN5vL._UY500_

If you do not have too much of items and belongings to pack or if you want to eliminate the option of a strong structure and heavy weight, you can choose the travelling tote. It is great for limited items. These bags are available even with wheels to make it easy to carry luggage sets for women.

  • Duffle bags:                                                71ywVGzZDUL._UX522_

As flexible luggage, the best option is the duffle bag. These usually have a great middle compartment that is very useful for carrying wearable luggage. These usually have a number of side chains that can accommodate other essentials instead of this if you need to avoid wrinkles from your cloths you can get the garment bag in affordable price.

How To Choose The Best Luggage For International Travel

Choosing the right luggage for you is not an easy task. You need to consider a number of factors, in order to make sure that you have chosen the right one for you, especially when you are travelling along distance and by air.On the way to Traveling through airline designer luggage sets are suit to everybody.

  • Know the baggage restrictions by airlines:

When you are travelling by air, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is the baggage restriction by the very airline that you have chosen for travelling. Some airlines restrict the weight, and some are specific to the type of luggage that they allow depending on the shape and size of the overhead bins.

  • Things you need to carry:

The length of your packing list will determine how big or small your luggage should be. In fact, if you are carrying clothes that you do not want to get tumbled up inside the luggage, you should choose an upright trolley suitcase with interior zipper pocket and adjustable belt to keep everything in place. If the ironing and shape of the clothes do not matter much, you can choose the lightweight duffle bags and more then if you need much stylish and comfortable luggage there is nothing more than best luggage brands have much durability and easy to carry.

  • Frequency of changing mode of transport:

If you have to hop on and hop off buses and trains, you will have to take strong and sturdy lightweight carry on luggage and easy to carry shape and size. Otherwise, you can carry larger ones if you are  traveling to through airlines.

Apart from these factors, you need to make sure that the color of the luggage bag suits your personality. Always choose to buy a luggage bag that comes with a manufacturer warranty, so that if anything happens to it, you are able to get repairing and replacement of the one. However, the most important factor is that you choose a bag that suits your budget and needs. Exceeding budget is not a good idea you can buy best luggage in small cost.


Certainly you have known the need to buy a good travelling luggage bag, especially while travelling abroad. With so many options that you can choose from above cheap luggage sets, choosing the best one can be quite confusing. But considering these factors will give you an idea of how to choose best luggage for travel abroad that will be compatible with your needs and budget also all are designer luggage sets. You need to choose a good online store that will give you a huge discount on the very product that you have chosen. This will save hugely on your budget and you do not have to compromise with the product that you have chosen.