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Best Traveler’s Tasmania Three Piece Luggage Set

The Tasmania Three Piece Luggage Set is the ideal choice for the travel to carry their stuff in a secured manner. Tasmania collection is made by using a hundred percentages Polycarbonate, it is the strongest material that offers great benefits, and especially you can use this luggage for frequent travel. The polycarbonate act as the hard shell even this material have an ability to absorbs impact when under stress by the way it makes this luggage both flexible and durable. This luggage is packed with more options; especially the abrasion resistant diamond cut pattern offer long lasting benefits and it help to keep the luggage new for longer. This luggage also has an aluminum push button handle system; this system is suitable for easy handling, even this handle also expandable up to 42 inches. It is the self-locking telescopic handle so you can easily make the adjustments based on your height, the dual spinner wheels support for smooth running.

Moreover, this luggage have clamshell opening with the imprinted interior lining. Of course, the interior lid available with the U zips meshes cover that ensures your comfort zone. You can easily pack and carry your important belongings in a secured manner because this bag has tie-tapes that offer great security to your belongings. There are two interior zipper mesh pockets available that supports for easy access, even this luggage also available with the additional features, first of all, you can get an extra space to pack more items. The expansion gusset has ability to improve twenty five percentages more packing capacity.Tasmania Three Piece Luggage Set

Tasmania Three Piece set available with three dial combination lock that supports for secure packing. At the same time the durable top handle offer great support to lift the bag with ease, based on your needs you can use the side handle. Inside the luggage you have zippered compartment to pack the items in safe manner, and the interior mesh pockets available that help to hold small items and some essentials in the secured manner. The convenient add-a-bag strap available to carry any additional bags with you, so it is perfect for any trip, even it is suitable for rigorous travel. This luggage is extremely durable; moreover you can get an extra room you need. The handle is also adjustable to vary height, so try to choose this wonderful luggage to meet your needs.

Traveler’s Choice tasmania baggage is great option to all because it is the best travel companion for individuals as well as families. This luggage is equipped with ultimate options, especially its durability and functionality is unquestionable, and the diamond cut design offers extra stability to this luggage. In addition, the retractable aluminium metal handle provides great opportunity to the travelers to make the suitable adjustments. So it is the best choices for the people who need to take their belongings safe during the travel. It is the best luggage option for the people who consider quality, versatility, affordability &style.  If you need to get high end quality luggage bags to enjoy your travel consider to choose the  Three Piece Luggage Set because it is perfect for all types of travelers. Even it is popular for its contemporary designs and style.

Pros of Tasmania  Luggage Set

  • First of all this luggage made by using highly durable material so it supports for any kind of move at the same time this material offer great look, even you no need to worry about any scratches, the textured finish help to protect the luggage from scratches. The dark colors are support to hide any wear and tear. The outer material works as the hard shell for this luggage that also flexible over others.
  • Spinner wheels supports for easy move, so you can able to move luggage all around with ease. Of course, you can easily drag the luggage through airports & hotels.  Obviously, this luggage is made by using high quality material to overcome all the issues, and it withstands for long time.
  • Zippers are works well, the zippers also come with TSA lock, and the advanced mechanism provided great security to your belongings because no one has chances to open your bag without a lock code. On the other hand this luggage has strong and durable Pull handles and they are also extended, but work fine.
  • Tasmania Three-Piece Luggage Set is spacious, so it is the great choice to carry more items, even the handle help to make extra space to putting jackets, papers shoes etc.
  • It is the compact luggage to move in the busy airports, it is available for the long vacations or short holidays.
  • It is the compact luggage that arrived quickly and it is the perfect choices to pack the items with ease, it is completely free from any scratches and dents.
  • Different color choices available, so you can find your favorite color, even it look more stylish than other models, the TSA approved locks ensures great safety. With this you can carry your important belongings in the secured manner.
  • Especially this luggage available with 360 degree spinning casters that supports for easy access and move. The insider zippered areas help to pack items based on your needs, of course, it is very spacious. All the pieces are expandable based on your needs, so you can easily make the adjustments depends up on your needs.
  • This luggage is highly durable over other models, so it is the best choices for the international travelers to carry stiffs.

Cons of Tasmania  Luggage Set

  • In certain cases, you will face the side zipper issues.


The Tasmania Three-Piece Luggage Set is the best choice for the traveler to enjoy their travel with ease, because this luggage is designed to meet the traveler’s needs.  Of course, this luggage has more positive aspects, there are some negative aspects also available, and so you need to pay close attention to purchase the best one. This luggage is highly suitable for all the packing techniques; this luggage is packed with positive benefits so it is highly recommended for anyone.


Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On

There’s a real trend happening in air travel right now: people don’t want to check their luggage. There are a number of reasons for this: baggage handlers aren’t exactly careful with how they toss around your luggage; it’s frustrating to wait at baggage claim after you’ve deboarded a long flight, only to find your bag is missing; and a lot of airlines charge a hefty fee these days just to check that luggage. If you’ve ever found yourself standing at customer service complaining about broken luggage, or trying to track down missing luggage, you are probably one of the millions of people who have moved to carry on luggage only travel. And if you are, you’ll want to get yourself a multi-purpose, do-it-all carry on piece that can get you from point A to B with all your things packed neatly and safely in your possession.

Options Galore

Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On

The Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry On bag is in a league of its own when it comes to luggage design and versatility. It is built to fit most domestic carry on luggage requirements but always check with the airline you are traveling with before boarding any flight with your carry on luggage. This bag offers numerous ways to pack your clothes – including a folding pad for storing your dress shirts and blazers, suits and more. This bag expands and has several exterior storage pockets and sleeves for easy access to your stuff while traveling. There is a mesh flyaway pocket on the front of the luggage for holding your jacket, books, or other items. But with functionality comes a price, so if you are a serious traveler, you’ll want to invest in a good piece of luggage like this carry on from Briggs & Riley.

 Beauty, Functionality, and Style

This bag not only provides you with a generous amount of storage space for a carry-on, but it also looks great as you wheel it behind you in the airport. While this bag has a lot of features and storage options, the one downfall of it is that it only has two wheels. If you don’t care about wheeling luggage on an angle, then this won’t matter. The carry on luggage piece is ultra-sturdy, and the two wheels on the exterior of the luggage are rugged and well-built. What’s more, there is so much space in this piece of luggage because the telescopic handle is on the outside of the bag. You don’t see this kind of innovation in luggage very often, but it’s a great feature in this bag.

Warranty and More

When it comes to choosing the right carry on luggage for you, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in stores and searching reviews online to find out what will suit your needs best. One thing you want to consider is the warranty and repair or replacement options for the bag you choose. Because it is highly unlikely that your carry on luggage is going to ever see a luggage belt in the airport, you probably don’t need to worry too much about severe damage from occurring, but manufacturers defects and material issues can happen in any bag. Briggs & Riley offer one of the most comprehensive warranties on the market today. It’s an unlimited warranty that will cover any problem with the bag’s manufacturing for as long as you own it. What’s more, it covers airline damage. Not many luggage manufacturers can say that.

But At present, most of the travelers wish to purchase the most suitable and reliable travel luggage to get an ultimate travel experience.  Choosing the expandable rolling carry-on is one of the great choices and it is always ideal for the people who want one bag for both air travel and international travel because the short and wide wheeled configuration brings ultimate comfort, of course, it offers the maximum packing capacity, and so you can pack more stuff inside this bag. The CX technology expands inside space so it is highly suitable choices for the frequent travelers.  Unlike, other types of bags it is beneficial and great, because this bag is very spacious, even it is extremely durable. First of all the manufacturers use durable and expandable material to offer ultimate comfort to the traveler, and this bag includes excellent garment folder that works well forever. The design of the bag is suitable to drag on different floor especially you can move this bag smoothly on the concrete floor. It is the brand new suitcase that supports for multidirectional move.

Briggs & Riley carry on

If you need to purchase the better suitcase for your travel then you may consider Briggs & Riley Carry-On Expandable Upright, it is the effective bag to carry all your important stuff in the safe manner. Structurally, it is durable and very sturdy bag, in general, the fabric is also designed well to take a real beating, the wheels and the handle also arranged well. Along with this the durable structure and style last forever, this bag is designed based on the internal components so it is better for the international travelers. Inside the bag you can find the plastic lining that protects your stuff at all time. In addition, this bag has standard interior as well as exterior pockets that support to carry small items in the safe manner. The small mesh pocket available on the outside and it is rolled up & zipped. This little pocket is very useful for holding a jacket while you are waiting in the airport. Along with this the narrow zippered pouch available between the 2 rails, it is placed near to the extending handle. This bag is expensive butit offers a wide range of benefits, so it is the worthy investment over others.

Briggs &  Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On luggage is always ideal and unique for very frequent travelers obviously, you can get lifetime warranty  while purchasing this bag, with this you can repair any functional problems found in this bag, if you are the infrequent traveler try to choosing this wonderful bag. The online stores also offer many discount offers while choosing this bag. One carry-on bag is ideal luggage to enjoy two to three day trip and this bag is equipped with many features, so it supports for different packing methods at the same time this bag offer through security.


  • It is the stylish bag and it is very well constructed, even the handles are sturdy, durable & easy to handle. In addition, the stitching is also tight; on the other hand, you can get great control with the solid frame.
  • You can handle this suitcase easily because it has two rears wheel that help to make this case quite stable than other models. The underside shows minimal tear and wear while rolling the case, so it offers long lasting benefits. It is ideal for all surfaces, like streets, sidewalks, roads etc.
  • This case available with durable handle and it is easy & simple to raise that is long enough for the travelers, even you can make the adjustments based on your height.
  • This suitcase has netting on its front side that supports for the jacket storage when you waiting or sitting in the airport. Additionally, the speed through pocket is available on the front side of this bag, it is great to hold the quart sized bag of liquids. Obviously, it is highly convenient to hold the bottles with through security.
  • This suitcase has durable exterior zippers that always move smoothly. At the same time the pulls are very attractive. On the top you find outsider handle which help to offer more spacious interior room. Moreover, the shirt protector works great that keeps your shirts and clothes with minimal wrinkling, in order to avoid the over wrinkling you need to fold shirts individually.
  • The interior space is also featured with the netting close that includes standard quad closure that hold all your stuffs more securely at the same time it will wrinkles them less than other models. On the other hand this case comes with lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy great travel experience by choosing this bag.


  • The Carry-On Expandable Upright is too bulky, so you need to double check dimensions  at the same time you should make sure it is allowed on airlines or not.
  • This suitcase is heavier than other model, because the size of the case is also big, so you need to may sure about the size. This bag does not includes any liquids pouch or separate bag. There is no shoe pouch or bag.
  • The exterior pulls are attractively designed, in certain cases it will damage easily, so you need to check the bag thoroughly. Of course, the exterior handle available in the outside that offer great interior room, but in some cases it will add to the exterior dimensions. Apart from that this bag is so expensive over other models.

Should You Buy it?

Any bag that offers multiple storage options, flexible use of space, and a telescopic handle on the outside of the bag to save room is a bag worth investing in. Many people are moving carry on luggage as a long-term solution to baggage issues at the airport. Look at it this way: sure, the bag probably costs more than you were hoping to spend on a piece of carry-on luggage, but after a few trips, the money you save on baggage fees will pay for this bag. If you are looking for exceptional quality backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties on the market, plus a place to store your suits in style, this is the bag for you.

Further Information

Briggs & Riley Transcend Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright


Samsonite Lift Spinner 25-Inch Expandable Wheeled Luggage

Almost every frequent traveler need to buy the top quality travel luggage to enjoy their overall journey, choosing the best travel luggage is always important to enjoy travel in a happy manner, when it comes to choose the travel luggage you have lots of choices, as the frequent travel you need to find the ideal one to meet your exact needs. so far, Samsonite has made great progress that help to ensure comfortable travel,  in the market you can find different range of luggage under different price ranges, usually people need to find the reliable & well organized luggage because it help to access all the items with ease. At the same time the traveler need enough space to carry much clothes, especially people prefer the luggage that would be easily wheeled in & out, for the easy movement travelers prefer to buy the Samsonite Lift Spinner 25-Inch Expandable Wheeled Luggage to enjoy lot, of course, it is highly durable and comfortable even it is easy to use. This luggage is also comes in a range of pleasant and attractive colors. Of course, it has 3600 spinning wheels that help for the easy move rather than these wheels also allows for the defined multidirectional maneuvers. So you can move the luggage in any direction. All the wheels are attractively and perfectly enclosed in the ecto skeletal hubs that help for a smooth move. This luggage has excellently lined interior along with the panel pockets on its front side that allow to packing small things. The pull handles help for easy carrying. Favorably this luggage has side zippers that support for expansion when needed. The Samsonite luggage is suitable for all the travelers because it supports for different traveling techniques. Even the cost of this luggage is also less over others. Unlike other models the Samsonite offer great benefits and it is the comfortable choices for the traveler to carry their stuff with neat and smooth. Here some pros and cons of the Samsonite listed for your reference.

                                      Pros of samsonite luggage

                                                                  3600 Spinner Wheels

Samsonite Lift Spinner 25-Inch Expandable Wheeled LuggageSamsonite luggage has inline wheels that supports for multidirectional movements, so you can push the luggage effortlessly while in upright position. The 3600 spinner wheels support for the smooth move, so you no need to put efforts to move the luggage, and it is ideal for the individual and family.  The handle gives complete control to you, so you can easily push or stop the luggage instantly. Of course, it spins 360 degrees so you can easily carry this luggage in the crowded area.


Samsonite luggage is perfect to pack your things with ease, it is the full-size luggage, it is the 25″ luggage so you can pack your stuff in very neatly, and you can pack many items inside your luggage with ease. Inside the luggage you have a nifty open side zip pocket, and the front panel pockets support for the easy storage.  Inside of the Samsonite luggage is very roomy and it is suitable to pack more items.

 Lightweight And Durable

This luggage stays under the 50-lb limit, at the same time this help to pack as much stuff with ease. It is the lightweight luggage so you can carry this luggage easily. So you no need to struggle with lifting, favorably it is the lightest luggage on the market available at pleasing rates. It is the attractive luggage that meets all your criteria. Samsonite made by using high quality material, and the side grip handles available to handle this luggage anytime soon, obviously, it has handle on its bottom end, so you can easily hold the luggage with both hands, and this will cause less wear and tear. It is very light in weight that supports you to carry many items without considering the weight limits.

Interlocking Zippers

 This luggage available with the zippers that offer maximum closure ability at the same time you can easily lock this luggage for extra security.  Obviously, the zippers are made by using very strong and unbreakable alloys so these zippers also withstand the constant use. On the other hand, the double zipper pullers offer a great comfort to the user.

Color and style

 Samsonite luggage definitely looks prettier over other models, and this luggage also available in different colors, for this most of the traveler wish to buy this luggage, especially it is preferred by the International traveler.  This luggage available in three different attractive colors and you no need to pay any extra charge to pick your favorite color.  Its elegant non-pompous design  offers a great look, and it can be suitable for variety of occasions as well as purposes, in general, this luggage made with poly ethylene material that offer long lasting life and style, so it never destroyed by abrasion.

Cons of the Samsonite luggage

Zipper Issues

In some cases people have faced the zipper issues, because instantly the zips are fall off or lose, it is the biggest problem. So you probably check whether the zippers are working or not. In order to avail the perfect option, you need to pay extra attention to the zipper sliders. It is one of the negative aspect, due to this the external pockets becoming unsafe.

Top Handle Does Not Perform Smooth

It is the biggest issues, in some cases the top handle does not perform smooth, so the user will face many difficulties. First of all it is very stressful when the user needs to move the luggage on their way.


The Samsonite Lift Spinner 25 Inches Expandable Wheeled Luggage also has a wide range of positive aspects and the same time it includes few negative aspects. In order to find the best luggage you need to check the overall product quality. In short, it is the best luggage to buy, because it is suitable for different packing techniques, so you can easily carry much stuff in your luggage with ease. To get clear idea about this luggage you may take the online reviews which help you to understand all the details.


Samsonite Hyperspace Suitcase Luggage Review

Travelling is one of the major modes of entertainment. Everyone likes to travel. But travelling needs a luggage bag for keeping things. We could find a large variety of luggage bags in the market. Nowadays, many companies and brands are competing with their best products against each other. One such brand is Samsonite. It is one of the well-known brands in the world. It is best known for its good quality luggage bags. The Samsonite features many luggage sets as well as single luggage bags also. One such luggage bag is the Samsonite Hyperspace Suitcase Luggage. This luggage bag is one of the most popular luggage in the market. It has an impressive public response with a powerful star rating. The bag has a simple and attractive look. It has a comfortable handle with strong elastic grip over it. This bag has a rolling facility that makes its carrying very easy.

Set For Hyperspace Travel

Unlike many luggage sets or pieces, this luggage bag is not as much stylish, but this luggage bag has a class which all the rest luggage bags don’t have. This luggage bag is best suited for a businessman. Like a businessman who is properly dressed and has a good control over himself, this bag also has a decent look. This luggage bag either comes with a set luggage or is sold individually. This bag has a simple and decent look. This bag is expandable and has a large capacity. The bag has a streamlined body and is available in simple and ordinary colors. This bag is also available in a variety of sizes. This luggage bag is not available in any emphasizing color. The simple and decent look makes it best suitable for a businessman.

                                              Prices aren’t Quite in Orbit

Samsonite Hyperspace Suitcase Luggage This luggage bag is neither very expensive nor very cheap. It is somewhat expensive, but you can easily purchase it.  This luggage bag is more durable and can extend up to lifetime period, which makes it worth its price. This luggage bag is best suited for carry-on purpose. These bags are easily placed in overhead compartments. The approximate price of the 21 inch luggage bag is around $ 130, price for 26 inch luggage bag is around $ 150 and the 29 inch bag will cost you $ 200. All these are of the same quality and design, but they vary only in size.

Space Age Stability

We know these bags are of good quality and designs. Along with that, when these bags are allowed to stand upright, they remain stable for long. They have small and strong wheels, which don’t allow slipping of the bag. Also, the bag is wider at the bottom and narrow at the top. This also provides the bag with a stable position. The weight is focused in the centre of the bag and the bag doesn’t fall. Also, the small and efficient wheels are helpful in this process. There are around 8 wheels which provide greater stability to the bag. As the wheels provide more surface area at the bottom, there is no chance of slipping of the bag. This way the bag doesn’t fall on the ground. This way, one can take off his/her hand at any instance of time, feeling free and confident that the bag would not fall upright to the ground.

Flexibility and Options

It is a wonderful luggage bag with a decent appearance. Other than this luggage bag, there are many other carry-on bags like garment bags or the duffels. They all look similar. You may be thinking of purchasing among these. But, if you are looking for a perfect set with all the perfections and features, then this Samsonite Hyperspace Suitcase Luggage bag would be best suited for you.

Out of This World Fabric

This luggage bag is made with a good quality nylon material. It also uses 100% pure polyester in its manufacturing. Also, if we look upon the surface of the bag at a microscopic level, then we would find a honeycomb structure. This honeycomb structure adds more strength to the outer material. This way it is very difficult to destroy or puncture the surface of the bag. This way, the suitcase will stay in a good condition for a long time.

Muted or “Out There” Colors

This wonderful luggage bag is available in various colors like:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Maroon
  • Green
  • Blue

The bag looks great in different color options. None of the above colors spoil the decent look the bag.

Many Fantastic Options

Sometimes, we don’t need to carry more items for a trip. For that purpose, this luggage bag is somewhat larger in size. This luggage bag comes with a removable small carry-on bag, which can be attached or detached, according to our will. This way, we don’t have to pay any extra charge for this small bag and we could enjoy the benefits of a small sized Hyperspace Suitcase Luggage.

Filmy Straps?

Although the bag is stable and has a good center of gravity, the straps used in this bag are not as much stronger. These straps can hold the clothes in their place, but are not as much effective. But this demerit can be neglected easily as this bag provides many other benefits.

Not a Carry On

This bag cannot be considered as a carry-on luggage as it is larger in size. It 21.5 inches in size and thus it is difficult to be carried. Also, the maximum size for a carry-on luggage bag is around 20-21 inches. This bag also doesn’t fit in the carry-on bag size limit.

Inter Seller Options

Although this bag has some demerits, but these demerits are considered negligible in comparison to its features. This bag is durable, flexible, affordable, and stable and similarly this bag has many other features. Also, the decent look of this bag makes it one of the popular bags in the market.There is another option of Samsonite 25 inch wheeled luggage available in the market.


American Tourister Luggage Splash 21 Suitcase Reviews

If you love the American tourister luggage set this place is going to be ideal for you. We all love to travel. There might be a person, who doesn’t like travelling. While travelling we have to carry some necessary items along with us. We keep these items in a bag called Luggage Bag. These days, there are a great variety of luggage bags in the market. Brands are competing by manufacturing the best of their products for their customers. One such brand is American Tourister. It has a marvelous record in manufacturing the best luggages bags or suitcases. A Few years earlier, American Tourister launched its one of the best products that is the Splash 21 Luggage. It is one of the most popular products by American Tourister. It has a good public response and an excellent star rating from its customers. This American Tourister Splash 21 Luggage Suitcase has set the company into a great profit. It is a type of rolling bag which can be carried where ever necessary, very easily. This bag is lightweight. The company promises the durability of the product to its customers. Also, the company is popularly known for its best luggage sets and the Splash 21 Suitcase is one such great product.

                                   Colors Make a Major Luggage Splash

American tourister luggage setNobody likes to check the luggage bags. Everyone wants a luggage bag which can be carried as well rolled with a good quality manufacturing material as well. This bag must be a good quality bag with ease of travelling. We all have different color choices. So an ideal bag must come in a variety of colors. And according to me, American Tourister’s Splash 21 Luggage Suitcase can be the best option. This luggage suitcase has larger and strong wheels, which enable smooth and easy rolling. Also, the handle is very smooth and comfortable. It is easy to hold and pull or push. This luggage suitcase is available in 3 amazing colors:

  • Black
  • Solar Rose
  • Turquoise

All the above colors are amazing. The turquoise color luggage suitcase is exceptionally superb. It is bright with black lining which gives it an attractive look. This bag is also available in different sizes:

  •  21 inches
  • 25 inches
  • 29 inches

Either these sizes could be available to its customers individually or in luggage set. Next, this luggage suitcase is not much expensive. It is easily affordable. With more durability and quality, this product is worth its price.

Buy One or Buy Them All

The 21 inches Splash Luggage Suitcase is considered to be the best among all the available sizes as this 21 inches Splash Luggage Suitcase can be suited for carry-on purpose. Also, it is best suited for airlines. It can be easily adjusted in small airline compartments as it is only 14 inches wide. But if we look upon all of them, we would wish to buy them all. They all look gorgeous and attractive. The quality of the wheels is superb and they can withstand any surface. Also, they can easily roll over carpets where some other rolling suitcases fail to roll. These wheels are of great quality that they don’t break easily. As per customer reviews, these bags contain the best quality rolling wheels, thus making it easy to carry and roll. All this makes this Splash Suitcase the best American Tourister Luggage Suitcase.


It is very important to arrange things separately. If things are not kept separately, there would be a mess in the bag. So, to avoid this mess in the suitcase, American Tourister Luggage set provides a large number of pockets. This way, you can easily arrange your things and pack them without any mess in the bag. This will also help you while placing your things out of the bag. Also, this bag provides a large space for keeping your things. In this large space, you can keep your clothes and there would be no loss in their positioning. This suitcase is provided with 2 handles. In case you are not comfortable with rolling, you can hold the bag with either of the 2 handles. There is a great flexibility in the bag as the 2 provided handles can be used according to the height of the person. For example, if a person has a good height, then the extendable handle can be best suited for him and if this bag is to be used by another person of somewhat shorter height, then the side handle can be best suited. This way, the Splash 21 Luggage Suitcase provides a large flexibility to its customers.

Zip It Good

This luggage suitcase is manufactured with the best quality materials. This bag is manufactured with 100% pure polyester material. Also, the zipper system is superb. The zips cannot be broken easily. There is no effect of pulling in between the zips. These zipper systems are very much tightened. Even on applying a larger pull, there is a small change in the zipper system. The zips would move, but this change would not be noticeable. Many customers appreciate the zipper system for this luggage suitcase.

Splish Splash

In case you have to check the bag, then the larger size Splash bags are suited. Whereas, the smaller sized suitcase is best suited for carry-on purpose. The larger bags can make a set of luggage. This bag can be cheaper if bought in a complete set luggage. Even, it is affordable and it provides with many facilities. It is durable and is available in 3 amazing colors. If I had to buy one, I would rather go for black which appears somewhat decent and more attractive than all the others.


Rockland Melbourne 3 Piece Luggage Set Review

Everyone is fond of travelling. From the earlier times only, man has been travelling with all his accessories. With time, he named his accessories as luggage. Nowadays, we could easily find a large variety of luggage bags in the market. Many brands and companies are competing with others by manufacturing the best product for its customers. One such brand is Rockland Melbourne. It is popularly known as Rockland. This company is best known for its product quality and durability. This company is also known for its 3 piece luggage set. Some companies also sell single or 2 piece luggage set. All these bags either may be of the same size or different. Rockland brand has one of the best quality hardside luggage sets, for which the brand is most popular. The Rockland brand promises its customers with the best quality products. Also, this brand has an overall perfect star rating in which many customers have rated these bags with a five out of five stars. The brand has a superb public response as well. The brand has eighth rank in world’s top best sellers.

                                                    Keep Your Contents Safe

rockland melbourne luggage Rockland is best known for its hardside luggage. This luggage set is protected by a powerful exterior layer which protects the things kept inside it. This luggage set can bear all the pain but will not affect the things kept inside it. This luggage set contains 3 luggage bags of different sizes. All the 3 pieces are featured with roller wheels which make it easy for a person to carry this bag. Also, these bags are very lightweight. One doesn’t feel its weight while pulling or pushing the bag. These bags contain multiple compartments and pockets. Either you can fill these pockets with your necessary things or you can occupy the space covered by these pockets by ignoring them.

Hard Cases in Soft or Loud Colors

As we know everyone has his/her own choice. Like boys mostly like the blue color and girls mostly like the pink color, similarly in this case the company provides its customers with a large variety of colors so that these colors can suit everyone. Also, we know that having a colored luggage that suits you, is a popular fashion these days. Nowadays, there are some bright and patterned luggage sets available by Rockland. These patterns make the luggage set more attractive. Some of the beautiful colors, in which the bag is available, are:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Lime
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Navy
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Magenta

Also these bags are available in some pattern or wave designs which are as:

  • Gold wave
  • Silver Wave
  • Red wave
  • Black Wave
  • Turquoise

All these are of the same category of 3 piece luggage set. These bags are very flexible and durable. These are manufactured with a superior quality material. The interior cloth used is also good in quality. The exterior and interior used for its manufacturing make it worth its price. Also, the set of 3 luggage bags will cost you less than buying a piece individually.

Hard Exterior Can Still Flex

Unlike canvas or leather bag, this bag is more strong and powerful. This bag is somewhat flexible, so it cannot hold all the things inside it. This bag is more adjustable than leather and canvas bags and also it can remain in its shape for longer than canvas and leather bags. As these bags are hardside luggage, they can withstand more harshness than other bags. These are sometimes helpful and sometimes not, as explained above. Sometimes, these bags get cracks and start breaking down while protecting the things inside. One can be sure about the things inside this bag, but cannot be sure of the bag itself.

Hard To Keep in Good Shape

As everything has its 2 phases that are benefits and disadvantages, this luggage set also has some demerits. As these bags have an attractive and shiny look, they will not appear attractive for long when the paint will start fading. Also, sometimes scratches start appearing on the surface. These scratches give them a dull appearance. These scratches are very difficult to wash or remove. Sometimes while protecting the inner things these bags attain dents, which also give these bags a dull appearance. These bags appear to be very old and worn out. These bags are very shiny and as the shine disappears, these bags don’t remain in their positions. One has to keep a good care of his bag in order to keep it attractive all the time.

Hard Cases are a Hard Choice

We all know that no one is perfect in this world and so is this luggage set. Although it is not the perfect luggage set, you are looking for. But this can be somewhat advantageous over simple luggage bags that cannot store fragile things. There are a large variety of bags that are made either with canvas or leather. These bags might be amazing in quality, but these bags cannot function like a hardside luggage. The things kept in a canvas bag or a leather bag can be easily damaged. But if we’ll place the same things in a hardside luggage as provided above, there would be no damage to these things. May be these bags could not be the best bags for your purpose, but they can suit your style as they are available in a variety of color and designs. These bags are also not as much expensive. Buying a set is always preferable over buying single pieces. So, it only up to you, whether the above luggage set will suit you or not.

Further Information

Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch

Rockland Luggage Skate Wheels 4 Piece


Wallybags Garment Bag Reviews 2021 ( Top Picks)

Suit Yourself With Wallybags

Travelling has never been easier as expected. Many things have to be considered before travelling. It is very difficult to carry a large bag for keeping garments. Keeping the clothes in a luggage bag or in a suitcase causes wrinkling in the clothes. Also, many a time wrinkles are so much weird that the clothes cannot be worn without ironing. Also, sometimes it appear like I have worn those clothes earlier or I just slept down with those clothes.

Here is a solution to this. This is an alternative bag to a large garment bag. This bag contains many pockets and compartments offering more capacity. This bag is also large I size. But this bag is able to protect the clothes from wrinkles.

Wallybags Locks

In this bag there is a lock system which binds hangers together at the top. By this system,
walley bags you don’t have to worry about your clothes. The lock system binds the hangers all together and this way wrinkles are prevented. We find the clothes in the same positions as before packing.


The given bag is easily portable. The bags which were made in the earlier times were not manufactured with thing in mind. This bag is a suitable carry-on bag. This is very lightweight and thus easy to carry. This bag also appears to be a regular bag as it gets closed from top to bottom. This bag keeps the clothes in the same position and organized. It also don’t cause stress to the arms.


There are a large variety of these bags. They vary in size, color, storage capacity etc. This bag is available mainly in 40-45 inches. Most of the people prefer navy blue or black colored bags which can easily suit to your luggage. The bag has a side opening instead of front opening. This helps in getting smart clothes and in turn easier life.


This bag is made with a very good quality material which makes it more durable, withstanding prodding that is in hangers which get stuck to the fabric. Most of the garment bags tear up due to the hangers and thus they don’t last longer. But this bag uses a superior quality material which doesn’t easily tear up. There are many bags which are manufactured with the help of thin material. Such bags easily tear up. But this Garment Bag is not of that type which easily tears up.

Everything and More

The most impressive thing which this bag provides is that it is more suitable for other purposes than dresses and suits. Some people treat this garment bag as a trip suitcase for trips. There are many extra pockets that can be used for keeping other things like toiletries, chargers or some other small things. The hanger has the capacity of holding at least 8 items and a person can make more than 8 things to be hanged.

Wallybags Irritants

Although, it is a wonderful bag with great space and locking system hanger, but we cannot consider it a perfect bag. This is only due to some of its drawbacks. This bag is not suitable for carrying on shoulders as it lacks shoulder straps. This way one has to hold the bag all the way in his hands. One gets easily tired of holding the bag in his hands. One can only fold it from top to bottom or bottom to top, but he has to hold it in hands only. Another drawback is that this bag lacks a hanger on its exterior. It means you have to hold the bag all the way along you. You cannot hang the bag. This way you can get tired easily by holding the bag. You can only use the bag for packing, travelling and then unpacking the clothes.

Wallybags Could be the Answer

It is understood that if anyone is going to travel with his/her garments, then he/she would need only a comfortable bag, that doesn’t easily tear up and must have a large space for more and more clothes. The bag should contain a locking hanger that prevents clothes from getting wrinkles. So, if you are looking for a bag with all these qualities, then a Wallybags Garment bag is the right option. The Wallybags Company insures you with all these features. With all these wonderful features, one can easily neglect its drawbacks.


Pros and Cons of Duffle Bags

It is only a duffle bag which can be best suited when you just need to put the things in a bag without arranging them. Most of these are without wheels which are not liked by most of the people. People are becoming lazy and they don’t want to carry loads on their shoulders. It is very easy to just roll a bag with wheels. But a duffel bag cannot be the same option. So, modern bags coming in the market these days are supported with wheels which make it easy for the user to just simply pull or push the bag by simple rolling feature. Due to the same reason, these bags are becoming more common these days.

Also, these bags are not suitable for everyone. These bags mostly look like gym bags. Due to the same reason, these bags are not suited for travelling as per customer’s reviews. Most of the people say that these bags are only suitable for travelling to nearby places. As these bags are not as much stiff and also they don’t have proper structure, clothes inside these bags gain wrinkles. Everything in this universe has both positive as well as negative sides.

Biggest Pros

The most useful point of a cute duffle bag is that it provides a great space to the user. There are a different variety of duffel bags. Some contain more pockets and some contain fewer pockets, but all have a middle compartment which is the largest and can contain many things in it. The middle compartment provides a large room to the user. Men mostly throw their belongings untidily in these bags and can be best suited to them. If it contains roller wheels, it makes the carrying much easier.  For example, a Samsonite duffle bag provides a larger space with side to side opening. It provides you with harder corners which make the given bag much stiffer. These bags can also be used as a box for keeping things rather than keeping the things in a box or a container.

Duffels That Roll

If I have to select a duffel bag, I will only choose the Olympia Luggage Rolling Bag. This bag has many pockets in exterior as well as in interior. This helps in organizing the things more frequently and easily. There are large as well as small pockets for different things. Also this bag will provide you with roller wheels making it easy to carry. By choosing a duffle, one can organize his life in a better way.

Duffle Flex

Unlike hard-sided luggage or hard-shell luggage, these bags are more flexible and soft. Its benefit can be taken by travelling in a plane and carrying this duffle which can easily be squeezed and put in a narrow compartment which is most likely to be overhead.

Fancy Schmancy and Still a Duffle

All the duffel bags are like gym bags, but Cenzo Duffle Weekender Bag is not of the samePros and Cons of Duffle Bags type. It is an exception. This bag is not like a gym bag in appearance. This Cenzo bag is only meant for travelling. This bag is designed with good quality material and there is a large compartment in the middle which allows us to throw our things randomly in the bag.

Duffle Shuffle

Although duffle bags provide a large room for things and are easy to carry, but they are not suitable for traveling in a plane. They are flexible and can be used for traveling in a car where they can be easily pushed to a side or a corner without any damage to the bag and the things placed in the bag. This bag is more suited for men who don’t organize their things properly and tidily.

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Cenzo Brown Italian Leather Duffle Bag Reviews

There was a time when the luggage bags were not as much advanced as now they are. But, they were more reliable and durable. They was making in such a way that they last too long. Those luggage bags lasted for the whole of the life. It was said that if that luggage bag was gifted to someone in his marriage, it would last even longer.But nowadays, things have changed. More money spent on these luggage bags; even they are not as much reliable and durable. But in some time, a few years earlier, people either bought a good quality product or don’t purchase anything.

On research, I have found a good quality luggage bag known as Cenzo BrownCenzo Brown Italian Leather Duffle Bag Italian Leather Duffle Bag. This bag has got roller spinner wheels and is very easy to carry. It has got a trendy and attractive look. This bag has a very great star rating on the internet with many good reviews. This bag made with the help of Calfskin leather. This calfskin leather has very deep color tones, and it appears more attractive after suitable time passes.  It is very durable. It uses imported material for its designing. It uses cotton duck canvas lining. There are many zips, and it featured with the multi-compartment system. With the passage of time, this bag becomes soft. This bag has been a best seller for many years. This bag weighs nearly 3.8 pounds. This luggage bag has a very good quality. This bag is also ideal for carrying on the shoulders.

Real Leather, Real Quality                   

This luggage bag made with a superior quality Italian Leather. The bag designed  with the Italian Calfskin Leather.  The leather material is compelling that it can bear the beating and even without having marks or tearing. As it has an opening from side to side, it provides ample space. Your clothes are safe inside as they will not get wrinkles when packed in this fantastic bag. While traveling in planes, this bag is very useful as it can be used as carry-on bag also. This bag can be fit into small space. Also, the leather used for its manufacturing makes it even more flexible.

Heavy Shoulders

Like other things, this bag also has a drawback. It is easy to carry, but when it gets heavier, it is tough to carry it on shoulders. The strap is not as much substantial. There is only one solution to this. You must not carry more loads with you. You must pack your bag with lighter things. It is evident that you have to leave your some pair of shoes or some valuable things at your place. But if you are carrying these heavy things with you, then you might face some carrying issues.

Zip Up Hiccup

There is also a problem with the zip system in this bag, as it made with plastic. That’s why it is unable to reach the craftsmanship of the given product. But even it is made of plastic.It works properly. So it is not considered as a major problem and can easily be neglected. Overall the zipper system is quite impressive which neglects other issues with the zipper system. The zipper system has the high-end quality making the zipper system work more efficiently.

Pretty Bag, Pretty Penny

The given bag has got an attractive look, which you cannot deny or neglect. best leather duffle bagUnlike all other bags, you will not keep this bag in somewhere in the closet, but you will use it regularly. This bag is best suited for those people who travel regularly. This traveling can be either in a car or some plane whether small or big. It is also best suited for traveling trips. Rather this bag cannot carry more loads for few weeks, but it can be best suited for your business trips or personal trips that last for a few days only.

One Bag I’m in Love

Overall, everyone can be happy with this amazing bag. This bag can easily remind you of a time when style and quality worked together with each other. At that point products were more reliable and durable, like this beautiful luggage bag. No bag can replace this fabulous bag until you want some different variety bag. This bag is more durable and comfortable. Although it is somewhere difficult to carry while carrying heavier loads, it is a perfect duffle bag.  Although it is not as much designer as the entire luggage bags which are upcoming or have arrived these days, it has more durability which is more considered than anything. The manufacturer has used superior quality leather which makes it unique and different than other bags. Overall, it is not the best but a better choice.If you are looking for high quality  stylish and durable, there is just this one I had seen on Amazon have some checked bags left there.


Best Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag Review

If you are looking for rolling as well as carry-on luggage bag, here is a good option for you. This is Olympia’s Pocket Rolling Duffel. It is easily affordable. This kind of bag will help while traveling to a far as well as a nearby place. If you feel lazy, you can just easily roll the bag, and if you are in a hurry, you can carry it on your shoulders. This kit comes in the following different color shades:

  • Black
  • Hot Pink
  • Dark Lavender
  • Navy
  • Red
  • Royal Blue

All the colors are very nice and are attractive. They all costOlympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel bag you less than $50. So, these bags are cheap. But the quality of the bag is very impressive. The kit is made 100% pure polyester material. The company provides this bag with textile lining. This bag is designed with many compartments, providing more space for things to keep. There are exactly 8 pockets in the bag. There is a flexible and expandable handle which is very comforting and reliable. It is 29” high and 15” wide. This bag comes with protective roller wheels which can be used to roll the luggage on any surface. The product has a very impressive public response, and the customer’s reviews are also awesome. This bag suits both males and females. Even teenagers can use this bag. It is lightweight and can carry easily. The shoulder straps used in the bags are of high quality which doesn’t cause stress on the body. This product comes with a 5-year manufacturing warranty.

More a GYM Bag than a Business Bag

The above bag has an attractive designer look. This is most suitable for trips and GYM purposes. Most of the people who like to carry these bags in their business trips feel that this bag is not appropriate for a business trip. It rather looks more designer than an office bag. Also, the bag comes with many pockets which give it a fresh look that is not suitable for offices.

Tipping Point For Olympia 8 Pocket

As all the things have benefits and drawbacks side by side, this bag also has some drawbacks. One of drawback is that without the support, this bag cannot stand still. This bag is not a sturdy one. This only stands still while rolling. After rolling you have to balance it against some support or lay it down the ground.

Wheels on a Chalkboard

This bag is not suitable for stealth walkers. Many people have noticed the noise caused by the wheels of this bag. This noise is not noticed in the case of spinner wheels. This created noise is somewhat irritating. Some of the people have not seen this thing, but many have noticed. The company is working on a solution to this.

I think it’s Worth the Price

duffel bag cost you not more than $30 or $40. By adding some amount and getting a total less than $50, you can get this fabulous  bag. It is provided with roller wheels also, which makes it quite cheap. Although it is not sturdy and makes some noise, its price is genuine which makes it worth the price. Also, you get 8 pockets, a designer look, and many other features at a reasonable cost. Moreover, its size is 29” which also makes it worth the price.

Not the Right Size

One of the major drawbacks of this bag is its size. It is large enough. It can be treated both a positive point and a negative point. This bag can be beneficial in case you have more luggage items to carry. But if you have fewer luggage items, and you are traveling, you may have to pay for a larger bag, which is sometimes most irritating.


If you think a duffel bag and a rolling bag can work well together, then this could be the best part of this luggage bag. Although the drawback of tipping point cannot be a major problem, large size could be a negative point sometimes. As a solution to this, you may carry another bag which is somewhat smaller in size. Other than these 2 points, this bag is excellent and has many other features. Based on these features, the bag has been rewarded with an excellent star rating. You also get a variety of exciting color shades in this fantastic product. Since having some negative points, it has many brilliant features making it a wonderful luggage bag to use you can find it here.